Thursday, May 17, 2012

You Are a Very Beautiful: American Heritage

Nothing makes me prouder than knowing my President has been on The View...twice! These women so perfectly represent my views, and the world at large, so having him there is like having a presidential interview with 4 or 5 Edward R. Murrows. I mean, Joy Behar is a world-renowned comedienne who has interviewed the likes of Bette Midler. Whoopie Goldberg was in Sister Act 1 and 2, and for heavens sake, her name is Whoopie. Elizabeth Hasselbeck? She was a contestant on Survivor. And Barbara Walters - arguably the most legit of them all - famously asked POTUS himself what super power he would have if he had his pick. These women make my amber waves of grain.  They're basically Hillary Clinton, Rosa Parks, Condoleezza Rice, and Margaret Thatcher.   

If only Lincoln could have lived to be on Howard Stern, or MadTV, maybe even SNL (if he was funny enough), that would have really rallied us as a nation. I'm sure that he would have found a way to make the emancipation proclamation freggin' hysterical. I need that. Don't we all? 

Most importantly, I'm glad that my President 'slow jammed' the news on Jimmy Fallon. It's the only civics class I'll ever need. I'm not sure how our economy is going to rise out of this record-high debt, or what his foreign policy is, or the state of health care, or why his view on same-sex marriage continues to evolve from one timid position to the next as a way to divert attention from other gigantic issues, but I was so glad to see him cheered on by an audience of Jersey Shore fans and called 'the preezy". 

God bless America, and God bless the office of the President of the United States. Keepin' it classy since Preezy G.Washington. 


  1. This is exactly how I have felt about all his appearances. And his wife being on the Biggest Loser. Perhaps they should spend less time trying to be popular, and more time doing, oh I don't know...their jobs???

  2. Ummm. I'm pretty sure that was Fred Armisen behind Fallon. The leader of the (formerly) free world would never stoop to an appearance on a show like that.