Friday, May 18, 2012

You Are a Very Beautiful: Tales from the Script

Sometimes there is nothing terribly exciting to blog about. In fact, most of the time. So I will blog about this today...
Tales from the Script

Although it is shot on what must be the worst camera of all time, and is amateur in the sincerest sense (seriously, it appears to have been shot by my 10 year old self, on our home movie camera and edited by pressing record, then pause, then record, then pause), it is still educational, entertaining and very interesting to get the views of many respected and not-so-respected screenwriters (the dude that wrote Last Action Hero is in there). Seems like sage advice to me. 

It's probably apropos that the film is staggeringly low-quality, since it seems that the general theme of the movie is, 'screenwriters get no respect' spoken in the heaviest Rodney Dangerfield impression you can conjure. However, the theme might be a little deeper than that, perhaps "Writers get no respect, but with a job like this, who needs respect?" is a little closer to the mark. 

If you're interested in learning more about screenwriting, or the fate I have doomed myself to, catch Tales from the Script on Netflix streaming... while you still can. 

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