Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You Are a Very Beautiful: Vanity Fair

Ok, it was about time for a vanity blog post. And luckily, I just did something considered somewhat vain. But if you are someone who has my hair type - or worse - than you might not think so. 

I got a Keratin smoothing treatment four days ago (don't worry, didn't pay even close to top dollar here, thanks to livingsocial) and basically, I washed it last night and I am pretty much in love with the results. When your hair has hated you for this long, you get a little emotional. 
(1 day after the treatment)

Plus, it was an organic keratin treatment, so I felt even less bad. I wonder if that means that the Keratin animal - found in the jungles of Doesn'texistland - never ate anything but un-sprayed vegetation or if its legs never touched the ground, like Kobe beef? Who knows.

Whats so great about it?
I basically have hair that loathes me. It revolts at the very mention of rain, water, humidity, the amazon, or even dryness. Last year, I went to Lake Powell for my first time and watched as all the other ladies let their perfectly manageable hair dry into what must be super model criteria hair. It was like, 'who needs a blow dryer...ever." My hair on the other hand looked like Medusa herself had given me a blowout. That's right, there were snakes in my hair....sorta. Just a lot of frizz and poof really. 

Now, instead of losing all of my natural wave/curl, or having flat hair, it has taken about 80% of the poofiness out and just about all of the frizz. In sum, although my hair will still not look completely model-worthy, I will at least be OK to enter the land of the living. And smooth and shiny? Faaageddaboudit.

OK, girl talk done. Now my few male readers can continue reading... Football, sports cars, James Bond, soccer, Fight Club, hot chicks, Jason Staitham, Fast and the Furious, Will Ferrell, pit bulls, hot wings, Doctor Pepper 10, the color blue.

That appealed to everyone, right? J/K-ing about Will Ferrell though. Not trying to gender profile.  


  1. Hahaha....gender profiling. Your hair looks silky smooth and shiny and a beautiful color. I've heard keratin is good for hair.

  2. Love it Courtney... now come do mine!!

  3. That's so crazy because I just bought some Keratin products last week, too (though not so much the organic type as the knock-off type) and though mine's not as luxuriously photogenic as yours, its waaay better than normal! Shine on, sister, shine on.

  4. I might need to be as hip as you. What do you think???? Bangs?

  5. You're hair looks so beautiful!!