Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You Are a Very Beautiful: Hospital Gowns are Sexy

So, I've been around the medical block lately.

So far we've got:

Full Physical(s)
Chest X-Ray
HIDA Scan (boooo!)

(This was me today. It's called a HIDA Scan. Tom got a picture but oops, I forgot to share it)

The doctors are strongly convinced that I have gallstones/gallbladder issues, and they REALLY want to 'yank that sucker out' as the nurse told me, all professionally yesterday. The tests have so far all come up negative for gallstones/gallbladder issues. I don't know what it is, I only know that I'm over it. Totally done with whatever it is. However, I have two questions remaining for you, my noble friends:

1. Do you think I'm strange for being hesitant in just letting a surgeon 'yank' out any ol' organ that they 'think' might be malfunctioning just because of my symptoms, when the tests say otherwise? Am I wrong to believe that there must be another, natural way?

2. Have you had your gallbladder removed? Or have you ever had gallstones? Do you/did you have reservations?

This is so much fun. I love process of elimination diagnoses, and I especially love my symptoms. They're like that child that kicks you in the shins and reminds you that you're not all that, in front of all of your esteemed colleagues and friends.

Presently, I'm full of radioactive isotopes and contemplating some bed rest.

PS) Today at the hospital, Tom hissed at the doctor when he administered the IV. Highlight of my existence I think.


  1. He hissed at the doctor? I would love to see/hear that! No, I don't think you are strange for being hesitant to have an organ removed when they don't know 100% that the gallbladder is the problem. My mom had hers out and it was no picnic to recover from. I would DEFINITELY hesitate having it taken out until they know for sure, and even then I would look at other what is causing the stones and can they laser them out? And there's my two cents :)

  2. Hope you get better soon! I always get nervous when doctors are guessing... You should go to the Nevada Clinic in Vegas... It's my husband's grandpa and he's a genius at figuring out things when you don't know what they are!