Monday, August 27, 2012

You Are A Very Beautiful: Back to School, Back to India

A good portion of my family has been in from Texas to get my sister Riley set up for her first semester of college. This has been great on lots of levels:

1. I'm really excited to have my little sister living nearby (finally) so we can go see lots of her amazing plays and such...oh, and spend family time, I guess.
2. It is awesome to get my parents in town any time I can. Now if only we could talk them into coming for a non-big-stressful-occasion. You know, where they don't have to run errands, move someone in, or haggle with wedding coordinators.
3. Tom left for India to film for ten days, and it happened to sort of coincide with my parents trip here, so that I didn't have to be completely lonely hermit for 10 days. I wish we could work it out that way all the time.
4. We made s'mores and played croquet up the canyon one night with Tom and my family, and I LOVE s'mores, and croquet, and 'up the canyon'. It was a blast.

In other sob stories, I feel like I've been way too separated from friends and family these days. Even the ones that live in Provo, but also the ones that live in California and Texas and New York and Washington D.C and Washington State and Oregon and Georgia and, and...and...! What gives? I miss all of you, and I hope you know who you are. Why can't we hang out more often? Once again, I'm feeling newlywed isolation trauma (can we still call ourselves that, 16 months in?).

Basically, what I'm really trying to say is: I already know you, and this is crazy, but you have my number (and email), so call me maybe.

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