Thursday, August 30, 2012

You Are A Very Beautiful: Cascade Springs/Bye-Bye

When I was around 14, my grandfather died - way too young. During that sad October trip to Utah, my parents thought it might be a good idea to go see something cool; something to get everyone's minds off of 'it'. So they drove us up Provo Canyon, past Sundance resort, all the way to Cascade Springs. Even at 14 I thought this place was rather ethereal --although, I wouldn't have used that word then, and probably shouldn't use it now.

Anyway, during this much-less-sad trip (finally) we decided to revisit it again, years and years later. 

Caution: Some of these photos are great, and some are blurry, but I had to use them anyway. 

Mitch and Tom couldn't make it - one was at school and one was in India - so we took the scraps of the family that were here (not really scraps, but, that's sort of what it feels like when you come from a family of 8 + 2) and headed up the mountain.

My Thomas Kinkade shot

Some parts actually reminds me of those marsh scenes in The Lord of the Rings, just way less creepy - no dead corpses staring up at you. It has that New Zealand-ness to it though, said the girl who's never been to New Zealand. 
Mom trying to take a picture of us with cool looking moon. Fail!

 Mackey's obligatory 'die on something' photograph

Even though Utah is no LA when it comes to pollution, it always amazes me how great the 'air up there' is. I instantly feel lighter, younger, happier.

I am waiting to 'scan' a picture of what the family looked like in our Cascade Spring pictures from when I was 14, but just be advised now: my hair was styled exactly the same way. Twilight zone. 

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