Friday, August 17, 2012

You Are A Very Beautiful: Dead Grandma at Graumans!

Yesterday, my pals from the Dead Grandma cast and crew were honored to attend the Hollyshorts Film Festival, where Dead Grandma had 3 episodes played on the big screen, at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. You know, just where they've held the Oscars and have the Hollywood Walk of Fame. No biggie.

I couldn't make it this time (shoot me in the work-face) but so proud of our little webseries that could. Glad to see it getting some more recognition. Here are some photos from the event, courtesy of Will Kindrick.

Look at that theatre! Look at that audience! No big deal, just the place where Casablanca won the Best picture Oscar

 Our Little Baby on the Big Screen
 Look, my ugly mug was even put up on the huge screen at Graumans!
 Will, holding down the fort, and flexing for the cameras on the red carpet
 Our lovely leading lady, Shannon, with Will
 Some friends on the carpet
 Ahh, a great way to say goodnight and goodbye
If you haven't watched the series, or the whole series yet, give it another shot: 


  1. I'll watch the series this weekend. I still haven't seen it since I've been back!