Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You Are A Very Beautiful: Progress Report

I've been off Satanbook for about 10 days now and although I'm pretty sure I went through some serious withdrawals the first few days - Johnny Cash has nothing on me -  I am now on the other side of this thing and I feel much better.

I'll admit, when someone would tell me something they saw on Book-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named in the last ten days, I got the old itch. But then about 5 days ago I realized I was not unconsciously trying to open the app on my iPhone anymore. That reflex was a real thing, and happened frequently in the first 5 days. What a disease!

Anyway, Diablobook is interesting, isn't it? What started as a way  - for me anyway - to connect to those I was close to and rarely saw, ended as a way to obsessively look into just about everyone's lives where we all have no business to be most of the time, and getting enraged at many of their bone headed opinions (IMO) and overshares, and then doing the same things myself, and then wanting to punish myself for it later.

Eventually, I had 'friends' that I had never met more than once, some I never met at all, and I was getting their odious updates. I would find myself peering closely into the lives of people I'd never actually known or met, and many that I had met and was 6 times removed from. I know all about them, they know all about me.

Hi, my name is Courtney, I'm an amateur voyeur and part-time exhibitionist, what do you do?

Eerily, we're all big brother in social networking, aren't we? But we're also all submitting to Big Brother as well. It's getting and it got out of hand...for me.  I could basically rob everyone's house if I felt like it, because at one point or another we're all posting when we're out of our houses or when we bought some huge new thing that would be ripe for the burglar picking.

What's different about blogging, you ask? Well, it's a thin line, I'm sure. But I like to believe that blogging should be material that is OK for the general public to know about you (no friend request required); akin to a holiday family newsletter.  It could also be about instructional, informative, mumbo jumbo. Whereas The Social Network seems to be a place to put pictures up that you know your boss and poor Grandma Jo shouldn't be seeing, and is shocking "even for the internet" (see this clip).

In short, my social-media-sabbatical, although just ten days so far, has been refreshing, if not completely eye-opening. It's wonderful how much more productive I'm being, and how much less I'm comparing myself to people, or how much less I obsess over something someone said that I didn't like. Suddenly, I'm 300% more productive, 300% less self-pitying/loathing, 500% less angry, and I have even been able to shed some pounds. Also, I've been actually calling, directly texting, and hanging out with REAL people and enjoying the things I'm participating in, as opposed to not enjoying them until I've posted the pictures on Facebook.

Remarkable what a little refocusing can do for you.

Sadly, I'll probably be back on Fbook in 2 or 3 weeks. Can't be a successful experiment without seeing how I do when 'faced with the face' again. Eew, just writing that made me want to reconsider that plan. We'll see. It may be never.


  1. I commend you. I consider quitting all the time. For many of the same reasons. I do worry about being far less socially aware of things going on in the world though. I guess I have Tyson for that.

    I will say that I hate being out with people and they get one their phones. Tyson has to work a lot away from the office so I let it slide way too much. Techno ADD. I won't even pick up the phone if I'm with another person because I want that time to be cherished and important.

  2. I'm not going to lie, it's hard. I'm still glad I've been doing it, but it's been hard some days. Especially when people around you are looking at it non-stop and sucking you in while they do so. And the dinner table thing? Yeah, it drives me crazy and I'm sure I was even guilty of it in the past. I KNOW I was. That's just one of the many reasons I needed to bid it adieu for a little while.