Wednesday, August 15, 2012

You Are A Very Beautiful: Taste of Home

This past weekend, in the company of Mitchell and Jordan (or JoJo) we indulged in a real Texas favorite: Los Cucos!

If you know my family, you know this is our Tex-Mex favorite. In fact, Brannings are notorious for their love of good Tex Mex. It's crazy really, because I can't stand it when someone suggests a restaurant out here and tells me, "This is the best mexican food" and then it doesn't even come close... like miserably fails (sorry if you're one of those friends. I guess we all have our preferences).

Anyway, in a very strange turn of events, they opened a Los Cucos right here in our very own Sandy, UT. Which is only strange when you consider it's the only Los Cucos location outside of Texas. This just proves that there are some Tex Mex Hungry Texan Transplants like us here in the good old Ute state.

It was equally delicious (no surprise there) and I became so home sick as soon as we walked into the restaurant. I wanted my family and I wanted Texas and I wanted to go for a visit that instant.

PS) Speaking of Texas Traditions and family, my little sis Riley is moving out here for school in about a week, and we are so excited to have her nearby. However, she had to start cleaning out her room back home (which was, incidentally, my old room back in the day) and apparently we both have a lot of 'skeletons' in that old closet. Mine? Two gigantic Texas Mums from high school homecoming. Does anyone from NOT-Texas know what these are? Oooh, just ask me. God Bless, Texas!


  1. This is kind of like an accident. I can't quite take my eyes off of it. Did you wear it all day???

  2. Ahhh those mums! I have plenty of pictures of these bests that I haven't looked at in years and I've forgotten how incredibly crazy they are. I swear if I were teaching in a TX high school I would take off every homecoming Friday. You should have Riley bring you this gem so you can hang it in your door way and walk through it on a daily basis or something ;)

  3. Garments showing: Check!
    Cleaning out my molars with my tongue: Check!
    I kinda look like Popeye!

  4. oh JoJo, you look cute! Don't sweat it.

    Lindsey, these were someone's bad, bad accident...that caught on like wildfire. So it's like one of those 100 car pile-up accidents.

    And Anna, I KNOW you know what I'm talking about. If I were a teacher in public school, I would just end it on homecoming week.. ;)