Thursday, August 9, 2012

You Are a Very Beautiful: Why I'll never be a milk maid

I was diagnosed with mild-gastritis. I have done my research and still don't really understand what it means. Sure, it supposed to be an inflammation of your stomach/intestinal linings, but the underlying reason...well, that's where it gets muddy. 

My endoscopic Dr advised I go off dairy for two weeks. So I tried. 

I was OK at some moments, but others were REALLY hard and I might have slipped up with a little cheese or something that I didn't realize was on/in something. When it comes to cheese, I'm THIS guy....

So it's really hard to back away from certain things. But, when I'd slip up during those two weeks, I didn't notice any big differences. 

Milk, on its own, is not so much of a problem for me, because I don't actually like it, so I rarely if EVER just drink it (yes I'm going to have osteoporosis, probably).  Unfortunately, it's an ingredient in just about, well, everything. And butter? We're in America. It might as well be our currency.  

Anyway, my point is: I didn't think that dairy was the issue...until last night! When I partook of some sherbet ice cream, and was just short of my head spinning on my neck axle for the rest of the night. Not good. In fact, I'm having a bad morning now, too. Don't let your mind wander too far; bad means intense stomach pains and an overall feeling of the 'yiiiiiuuuuucks."

I see now that dairy - especially certain forms of it - might be my kryptonite. Freaking doctors. I've made myself believe that by suggesting I go off dairy, he made me intolerant. 

Could it be true? Could I be dairy dysfunctional? I hope not.

So much for my trip to the moon one day, since I'm still positive it's made of cheese. 

Is anyone here a dairy reject? Do you do anything for it? How were you diagnosed? Advise?


  1. Sherbet is usually non-diary, isn't it?
    maybe your pregnant ;)

  2. L.L. I thought the same thing, and I have done my research today. Turns out that it has dairy. Sorbet, on the other hand, usually does not. The more you know....

    Not pregnant. And if I were, this is one little cuss of a baby.

  3. Jon quit drinking milk because it made his stomach hurt alot, and makes him smell horribly (something you really wanted to know). He doesn't seem to have a problem with cheese or butter, but ice cream and milk are not usually a good thing. He only really misses drinking it when we are having fresh baked cookies or something (which you know we do ALL the time since I am June Cleaver) but he has found a love for almond milk instead (which I am allergic to - go figure.)

  4. Almond milk is delicious and definitely a go to in our house. Good luck! Oh, and I am with you with the milk drinking...we can be broken old ladies together!

  5. Elyssa! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I've been trying to remember the name of it! Thank you!
    I'm not kidding, I'll do it. I'd start believing in voodoo, hooha, magic if it meant getting rid of this stupidness.

  6. And Lindsay and Morgan! I'm so glad I'm not alone in this. Ugh, it's such a nightmare. Dairy is kind of...all consuming, isn't it?