Monday, August 6, 2012

You're a Very Beautiful: Bookface, Bye-Bye

Nothing too new in the Morrill household. Just a lot of travel. Kind of standard around these parts in the last year. The only good thing might be that I get to be a part of T's travels soon, which should be nice. 

Work has been good, it's been busy, really. Lots of new employees. I've been moved to the freezing half of the office, which is quite literally bone chilling. Luckily, I am with friends and they too are freezing--in the middle of a 110 degree summer. Yup. Winter's early in these parts. But we all enjoy what we do and have fun with each other.  

Other than that we're just plugging along with our goals for the rest of the year (you know, those resolutions I was so vehement about). 

Oh, and I quit Facebook. Yeah, that's been a big change. It's horrid how much of a vacuum that thing is. I needed to move on and get to know the pre-Facebook me again (turns out, she's not all that and requires a lot less attention about the everyday minutia of her life) and get some serious writing and work done. It's been an interesting couple of days. We'll see how long I can abstain. 

Truly, it's just supposed to be a small break from Rosemary's Baby, err, Zuckerberg's Baby, so that I can get a big writing project off my shoulders without the distraction of Zuckerbook. 

I'm sure for many people, Facebook might not be a problem. I used to think I was one of those people. Not so. It became a problem, we needed to break up. Let's call it creative differences.  Facebook, thou dost intrude. 

In other news, we've had a lot of fun going on couples dates lately. It's always so nice to meet so many refreshing, great people and get to 'sup' with them. 

Picture time!

Want to see a great shot of Tom and me on a cable car in San Francisco? 

Can you believe the detail on that car?

Trolley Car picture fail, fail, fail. I promise we were really on one. But our posterity will never know. There's a reason I'm not a photographer/cinematographer. 


  1. Cute photo and I believe you:) I love San Francisco. So..half of the Cope family have still not even gotten a Facebook. Bill finally had to succumb because the bishoprics were encouraged to have one to communicate with their YSA's. He wasn't too excited and even used the moniker: Bootstrap Bill...Haha. People still found him and made friend requests. Oh well...I'm already addicted to twitter, blogs and texting thus my reasoning to stay clear of the FACE.

  2. I hope you can abstain! I used to be addicted to Facebook, but now I am happy getting on maybe once a week! I was bummed though because I FINALLY uploaded the pictures from when you guys dropped by Jon and Morgan's and I went to tag you and you were GONE. Fail. Sorry it took so long and now you will never know how wonderful we all looked ;)