Wednesday, September 5, 2012

You Are a Very Beautiful: The Copper Onion

The best restaurant in town, IMO, is The Copper Onion. It is pitch perfect. I kid you not, I've never taken a bite of anything there that I didn't care for. It's the kind of place that makes you believe you aren't consuming calories -- just happiness. And, I will tell you right now, hands down, it is the single best burger - gourmet burger - I've ever encountered, and I have had some great burgers in my time. 

So, while husband was in India, and my sister and I had a long weekend to do whatever we wanted  - and boy did we - we decided to indulge our foodie side, and have a night at the old Onion. Interestingly, it's not the old onion anymore. They actually redesigned the whole interior, and got rid of their 'communal' seating. That's a big plus in Tom's opinion. I don't know, I kind of miss it, and kind of don't. 

Anyway, it was a beautiful summer night. Perfection. With every bite, Riley and I kept making, "kill me, this is so good" faces.

We got the most delicious meat and cheese plate combination, and I had to get my 'floral' tasting Boylan Orange Soda. Don't ask me why, because I only like it when I go to that restaurant. 

If you ever want to come visit me and the hubs, we will be sure to take you to The Copper Onion, if you should so desire. And the only reason you wouldn't desire it, is if you don't eat human food. 

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