Friday, September 21, 2012

You Are a Very Beautiful: Mum for a Day

Don't adjust your computer screens. That is a picture of me with a baby in the backseat of my vehicle. It's not photoshop or a prank from someone who thinks I am weird with kids. Heather Turner, our friend from Houston, was in town yesterday and had her adorable toddler Tatum with her. It just so happened I had a little bit of freedom in my schedule so I could watch her for a few hours while her mama worked. Next to my little nephew Jethro, this little girl might possibly be what I would call irresistible. She's an irresistible baby. Perfect strangers want to come up and kiss her. She charmed everyone around us, and when someone said, "Your baby is precious" I didn't feel guilty saying, "Why thank you!" (sorry Heather).

Let me clarify something: I must truly adore this girl, because there are only handful of people in the world I would do this for. If I like the baby and think the baby likes me, I'm happy to do some looking after. If I think the baby is um, unique, for lack of a meaner word, I may be hard pressed to do something like this. I know that makes me sound selfish, but I have heard many-a-parent tell me that they don't even like any kids beside their own, so I feel like I am rather progressive in that sense, considering I like a lot of tikes and don't even have any of my own. The only thing in question is whether I can handle a crazy, bratty, neurotic, hitting, crying, biting child for long (or at all). The answer is not well and most likely no.

Anyway, it was a splendid day and Tom even met up with us near the end. He's going to make an excellent dad one day. Now if only he could gestate instead of me, then I would totally marry him. Oh wait...!

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