Saturday, October 13, 2012

You Are a Very Beautiful: Day at the Races

Well, if nothing else I checked a big thing off my new years resolution list, and I spent quality time with my besty, Coryn. We both inexplicably contracted colds this week, right at the peak of our "training." On the eve of the 6K, we decided "who cares if we're hacking our brains out! Let's run this thing!" And we did. Ran and hacked our brains out. I am proud of us for running a straight mile of the first stretch. Seriously proud. I know I have a lot of insane runner friends (I say lovingly and with concern for your brains) but this truly was a big accomplishment for me: a non-runner for life. Just showing up (at a time I call the devil's hour) was like winning it. Kind of like Paul Ryan, huh? Badda-chink.

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