Sunday, December 23, 2012

You Are a Very Beautiful: Paris Day 9

Our first real day in Paris was a total hit, to the blazes with the night before. We did and saw so much in one day that I almost feared we would run out of things to see for 4 more days (we didn't luckily).

It started with waking up to this ...

And it ended with this....
Let me start by saying that from the moment we began our walk that morning, I could tell that Paris is the most photogenic city in the world.



We started the day with the big ticket museum in my book, The Musée Rodin.
I've wanted to do this one for a while. We bought the big sweeping Paris museum pass so that we could be a little more economical about our sightseeing. It included just about everything but the Eiffel Tower.




Musée Rodin? Loved it. Loved the weather, loved the museum, loved the gardens, loved the views, loved the chocolate croissant Tom introduced me to at this bakery afterwards (shiver my timbers, it was good). 

From here we did just about everything else you could possibly do. And on such a beautiful day, who could pass that up? This was the first day that we got to walk and walk and walk together. It's no secret that I don't altogether enjoy Woody Allen (not a huge fan of adultery/adultery movies) but Midnight in Paris must now be considered one of the most beautiful cinematic looks into a city I've ever seen and now that I've been, I can see how the tone and nostalgia were pitch perfect.
Lock it up...
After the Rodin, I had my first real French SAVORY crepe. I died and went to heaven and forgot to take a picture before it was eaten...

Then we decided we would walk to Sainte-Chapelle. I had written a humanities paper on this monument when I was in college and it was remarkable to see it in the flesh.
 Of course, since we were there in the slow season, it was half under construction but the parts we could see were still mind blowing.

After this we had a terrible time trying to find a bathroom and when I found one - that was under construction - we didn't care. Get bodily functions already Europeans!

I also tried to help these women that were speaking what I thought was French (I was in French mode) only to find that it was Spanish and Tom ended up helping them instead. It was humorous how long it took me to register that it was Spanish.

From here we toured Notre Dame. Once again, I wasn't prepared to turn the corner and see it there and wasn't prepared for how overwhelming and large it was.
People were inside weeping. That was powerful to see.
Esmarelda-ing it...
Afterwords we had to get another crepe ...this time Tom's favorite: just butter cinnamon and sugar.
We sat and talked for a few minutes on the grounds of Notre Dame.

From here we high-tailed it to the Louvre. There is a funny story here but we're both to embarrassed to commit it to print.

The Louvre exceeded all of my expectations. I would like to take one week in Paris for the Louvre alone.
Tom being a film geek...  (I made him do it)
 Mona and Me
Venus De Milo
After this we took a walk on the outskirts of the Louvre and then decided that since it stayed open late, this was the night to do the Musée d'Orsay.
We weren't the only ones, as we bumped into two sets of friends in the same wing, in the same 3 minutes. The world is tiny. And that was fun. And we got no pictures of the event?! What's up with that, Diana?

I loved the Impressionism wing at the D'orsay and saw several other favorites.
I could literally look at impressionist work all day long everyday day. Others have different opinions. I always think that I live my life like an impressionist painting. Deep. Think about it. Or don't.

After this we had dinner with Tom's coworker and wife again. It was so fun to meet up and commiserate about our sightseeing. Mine food was absolutely was a curry pasta. Theirs was ...alright I guess, but I definitely won that night. Afterwards we were so exhausted we went straight back to the hotel were asleep in about 17 seconds, give or take a second.

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