Wednesday, February 6, 2013

You Are a Very Beautiful: London/NYC Day 12

When you wake up to such a beautiful day in London, two thoughts go off in your mind. a) there is NO way we're leaving today, seriously? And b) On such a day as this, there is no way that someone would set fire to one of your adjacent rooms and cause everyone in the hotel to evacuate to the freezing streets in the wee small hours of the morning fresh out of the shower. And then you remember that you shouldn't let your mind wander too far, because your worst thoughts have always had a way of being realized.

There is no picture of me in my PJ's and wet hair, or Tom's furious and anxious face, worried that we would never get back inside to our passports and get out the country in time.

But we did and we even had some time to enjoy the gorgeous weather and peruse some favorites...

Flying away: a little sad, a little excited to have a travel partner this time, a little ready to watch a lot of in-flight movies...

NYC welcomed us with open arms in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. It was a different city, ever so slightly, but it was. Everyone was a little beleaguered and would gladly share their 'war story'. It was interesting. Oh, and Obama was President when we returned. Oh, that's right, he was President before we left.

It's a pretty city, even in the blur. Don't be fooled, this was my vision that night, not the cameras.

After having stayed in cardboard box hotels and beds for the last week, our little NYC Marriott felt like a lottery win. It wasn't even 6pm and we couldn't keep our eyes open. We fought it. Even at the sight of this luxurious temptress...

Beneath us was Bloomingdales and busy people setting up the city for Thanksgiving and mostly Christmas. It was a lot to take in when all I could think about was that freggin' luxurious bed.

We ate at the chic lounge downstairs. Got complimentary snacks because Tom is like a high-roller now since he has traveled for two years straight. I guess there are some perks to being a field producers wife. Finally! The agency that set up our marriage told me that it would take some time for the residual benefits to kick in... kidding. I would have married you for your hair alone babe.

And then there was the sightseeing, half to stay up and half because we wanted to. Tom and I have both been to NYC numerous times, but never together. It was a nice cursory glance/walkabout. We had both seen everything we had seen before, but never during this calm before (and after) the storm. It was especially cool to see this little guy for the first time. Well, sort of see it...

That tree is truly massive and it fulfilled a goal of mine to see it, and in a weird way, I liked not seeing it all lit up. I enjoyed seeing it in hair and makeup.

More blurry vision...erm, pictures, pictures.

We grabbed a hot dog. All the walking for two weeks made us sort of endlessly snacky. But things were beginning to get dire, when Tom, in complete exhaustion, told me he had made reservations WAY in advance for Serendipity. He's cute. We went, and attempted to keep our heads up, much to our waiters amusement.

And then there was sleep. And blackout curtains. And we couldn't even remember walking back to the hotel, or getting into bed, or falling asleep, or if we were even with each other. Who needs drugs?

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