Sunday, February 3, 2013

You Are A Very Beautiful: Paris Day 10

On the Versailles day, we really wish we had scheduled things a little better. That is, according to the weather. It was by far the most freezing day of our trip; possibly of my life. But also one of our best days. We still enjoyed ourselves...just as popsicles.

We started off with setting out to find Napoleon's tomb. You have to be blind and have no arms or legs to MISS Napoleon's tomb. Or just be us for our first three days in Paris. It rests inside the gargantuan Chapel of Saint-Louis-des-Invalides....which we walked past everyday and even took pictures of, not realizing what it was.

Once again, another site that proves Europeans laud and memorialize their villains, oppressors, despots, murderers and or just self-made emperors. We just do that with our celebrities and celebrity Presidents.

It was a site to behold. And what a waste of prime Parisian real estate. They could have put like 150 more French pastry shops in its place for Pete's sake. Mmmmm. What a delicious piece of land that would have been and you KNOW no one would ever have to guess where IT was located.

There he rests...that teeny, tiny little man.
Ah well, I guess it's OK to try and carbon freeze any time you were a world power, no matter what.

It was a Napoleon sort of day so we had to head on over to The Arch de Triumph. We climbed every step because we wanted to... And because we didn't know there was an elevator. Very cool once we caught our breath an hour and a half later.

Then we took a delectable stroll down the Champs Elysees for my first time and that was very neat. I hoped to bump into a roller skating Gene Kelly the whole time. We also got a beignet right there and that was pretty nummy (nom+yummy). 

After this we got on a 45 minute train ride to Versailles where the lauding of people you hated and beheaded is like an Olympic sport. They win gold for sure.

Versailles - SHAPOW! It was like eating the richest dessert of your life - in your eyeballs! I couldn't believe any of it. And I had even seen plenty of pictures and movies about it. Nope, it must be seen in person to truly feel like you're going to get visual kidney stones from the richness. We were gobsmacked but Tom had already seen it, so he was gobsmacked: part deux.


We were so cold and tired that night but we knew that we better not wait to really experience the Eiffel Tower at night so we did and that was outstanding.

I felt sad before bed that night because I knew we only had one more day left in Europe (or a day and half). But stay tuned for that.

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