Wednesday, February 6, 2013

You Are A Very Beautiful: Paris Day 11

Your last day: waking up is always like waking up on the day your best friend is moving away. You feel like if you just sleep in, your slumber will somehow stop the horrid event from occurring. We were leaving Paris that afternoon and no amount of extra sleep would change that. Plus, we had several big things to kick in that day beforehand, so I didn't have NO time to be morose.

We 'checked' our bags with the hotel, right in front of the elevators. I wouldn't be surprised if they went on display at the D'Orsay while we were out.

Mean Frenchman front desk guy - affectionately nicknamed Pepé Le Pew- was probably only too happy to look through them and until he saw that we brought nothing but ugly American clothes, and my signature fragrance, "Fat, Loud, and Ugly by America" that I wore everyday of the trip.

We had the most divine breakfast at a cafe around the corner. Basically a buttery croissant and a creamy hot chocolate are all I need to be happy at breakfast...and in life.

If was finally time to tour Old Man Eiffel. Unfortunately (and fortunately) we chose the day that heaven decided to come and halfway devour Big E.

We went up (and paid anyway) and it was a little like being in Cloud City. I wished Lando Calrissian would have greeted us, that saucy traitor BFF.

We went to the highest tier, and this was all you could see....

Let me make two things clear: it was cool and I was fa-reaking out. Here are the pictures to prove it (thanks dear)...

In spite of our limited view at the top, it was still a really cool experience.

They even apparently put Eiffel himself in a carbon freeze chamber up top. I guess Lando really DID live up there.
Because I wasn't going to let Tom and his raging cold get off so easily, we took a beautiful/arctic river boat tour of Paris. It was a total highlight, especially as I would tell Tom "He just said ____ in French" and he would say, "I know, because they repeat it in English." Foiled.

"I must be dreaming..."

One of our best friends sitting behind us. He's always goofin'.

Did I mention that I never got tired of the Eiffel Tower? After my 150th picture of it, my camera actually turned into a toddler and refused to take more. Cameras gonna hate.

We somehow snuck in a quick delicious lunch that had Paris written all over it: spaghetti and meat-a-balls. It was straight up delicious though.

It was finally time to catch our train back to London and bid a tearful farewell to Pepé. We have since become pen pals and he may one day be the godfather of our children. Except no, he just gave us nasty looks while we cried over the best pastries we had ever eaten in our lives from a bakery across the street.

Then we saw some of this...

Then This...
Then this....

 I think this was a cool touch.

The last/rest of the night in London included getting terribly lost walking our bags around the mean streets. A British band giddily ribbed me in the hotel elevator because I asked what the heck "gammy" meant (in reference to Digestives). They told me, and added "Take that back to America gurrr-ly. It will be huge!" In hindsight the band was One Direction.

Jokes. Jokes. It was probably Mumford and Sons though.

We ate Pho and slept like bears until the morning of our flight back to the Americas.

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