Tuesday, February 19, 2013

You Are A Very Beautiful: Yippee Ki Yi Valentine's Day

I hate to brag, but Tom is pretty lucky to have me as a wife (in some ways, in other ways, a pox be upon him for eternity). One particular reason he's lucky: I LOVE surprises. I don't like my surprises spoiled, I don't go snooping, I don't even like to entertain thoughts about what my surprises could be. I sincerely love being surprised. Good surprises that is, not "Surprise! Those are gallstones."

I'm serious. I take surprises ├╝ber seriously. In fact, if this sounds like you during movies or television, "Is he dead? She's going to leave him. He's his father isn't he?" then I take issue with you too. If you wanted to play 20 questions or the "Aren't I clever game" you should have chosen that activity for your date night. Just calm down you Santa beard pullers, there may be magic yet!

I take surprises so seriously that I even get irrationally annoyed when the person doing the surprising doesn't cover their tracks well. When I was a little girl, during christmas one year my mom asked me to go and get groceries out of her trunk. There with all of the groceries was the Totally Hair Barbie I had requested for Christmas. When I came inside with the groceries it took everything in me not to cry out, "Seriously! Did you even try?" And stomp off. I realize that the poor, wonderful woman did her best and that it was in fact be me being turbo crazy, but it illustrates again how much I esteem surprises.

Anyway, this was all just to say that Tom did a fantastic job at surprising me with snow tubing this St. Valentine's Massacre day. Fun was had, and so was a delicious dinner. I hope everybody opens their hearts and minds to surprises this year, good ones, hopefully. Who knows? Maybe you'll get a Totally Hair Ken?


  1. I am convinced that THIS is the very reason we were such good roommates. I, too, thoroughly enjoy surprises and get upset when they are ruined....like when your husband tells you that you can use his phone to text his brother who's wedding you're planning since your phone is dead and you find out that he is planning on buying something that you REALLY REALLY want like season passes to some really awesome theme park that you have loved since you were a wee lass and he told said brother that you have no idea and don't tell because it's a surprise.

    Oh, I mean, not me. I don't have any season passes to an awesome theme park...and I don't have any clue who is getting them.

  2. Seriously though. This never happened. At least no one knows it happened.