Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You Are a Very Beautiful: 20 Week News Blitz

Alright ladies and gentlemen of the press, it's time for the Morrill Tuesday news dump...

Well, we're back from Texas. We spent about 4 days in the Land of our inheritance. Toms brother Brad, who is only referred to as Bird, but spelled Brd, is finally back from an LDS mission in Atlanta, Georgia - the other land of my inheritance. He's still really tall and still has a phenomenal southern accent. We're glad he's back and returning to his beloved Aggies. Gig'em. And remind me what that means again.

Uncle Tom with nephew Jethro. Watching Classical Baby, or something like that. Whatever it's called, it's the best I've gotten Tom to behave in MONTHS. Jethro liked it too. Thanks Classical Baby!

Some vicious rounds of Shuffle Board. But who won the Championship round? Oh, I don't know...maybe she has two thumbs and another two in her belly? (we hope) Oh yeah! 
Last week, my 20th week of pregnancy, we had the gender double checked and it is still, in fact, a boy. Kate Middleton and I just can't help but completely mirror one another's lives. Uncanny as we are.
Week 19 to Week 20. I decided to use this psychedelic photo editor so that my bathroom and I had some pizazz. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep doing these yet. But wearing the same shirt? You bet. 

We've realized that everyone has an opinion on names - strong opinions - and everyone has opinions on how to do everything for your child just right. I'm seriously shaking in my flats - the only shoes allowable these days. I wonder in what irreparable ways I have already screwed this kid up, at least according to the the pace and advice of others. Of course I have already made a list of ways that I WILL make this child's life harder. Just interesting to know what things I hadn't planned on.

Quotes of the last week:

My SIL Elyssa already had a cute little dude named Jethro, who is the first boy and grandbaby of the Morrill family. Since Brad has returned and is no doubt in search of a wife, we offered him the following advice:

"We have but three requirements for your future bride. 1) That she have a December 31st birthday (as both of us do). 2) That her middle name is Nicole (as both of us are) and 3) That she produce you a male heir first. Henry the VIII would have never beheaded us."

Not only would Henry VIII love the two of us, but I presume THIS strapping man would too.


Tom quote of the week: "Not a chance I'm getting LASIK in that little house." Referring to a LASIK surgery office that must have reminded him of that one scene in Minority Report. Shudder.

And a 30 Rock Quote of the Week that I find particularly apt:

Lets see...

Cravings at 20 weeks of pregnancy:
Back rubs, orange juice, Mama Morrill's pasta salad (roughly 17.5 gallons of it, if I've done the math), a desire to live in Texas again, and wearing really stretchy pants, sometimes called leggings. Mmmm.

Red meat. Which is a tragedy when you're in Texas and there's much fine red meat goin' around. Another aversion? The heat of summer. I swear this kid has a blow torch lit inside of me.

New Things: 
My sweet friend is the owner and instructor of Ballet Blast, and she sweetly invited me to a class last week, in which she tailored her hard core workout to my pregnant body. I discovered that even if I wasn't pregnant, I would probably have to fake that I was just to get through that class. I got my posterior kicked for sure, and I need to remember to point my toes. Pregnancy makes you very firmly flat footed. The last thing on EARTH I need is bigger feet.

I would be remiss if I didn't add, with great sadness, an event Tom and I missed this last week - Lake Powell with the Speirs family. It was touch and go for so long on whether or not we'd make it, but I'm afraid my overheating and sea legs were not equal to the task this time. We missed you Speirs family, maybe we'll hurt so good together next year.

Lastly? I felt strongly that the royal baby would be a girl. I will never give anyone stock tips, I promise.

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