Tuesday, August 6, 2013

You Are A Very Beautiful: 21 and 22

The past two weeks in pictures

For some reason my stomach is swelling up. Should I get that checked?...

Tom had a birthday, so I finally made him the cookie cake of his dreams - at least in theory.

And took him to his Texas favorite...

But then he had to keep his job and go on a week-long business trip. That was Bummer Town, USA for me. Fortuitously, my family was in town for about 17 family mile stones, birthdays, weddings (congratulations cousin Kyle and I have no pictures of it for some reason), huge life events, etc, so at least I had them all week.

And then there were babies. Babies for you, babies for me. Babies all around. Babies in a tree.

Sweet little Beckett

Sweet 'little' Clay

Sweet little Leila (big on hair, small on size)

I even got in on the action...

Then there were girl cousin reunions. I suppose it's only right that most all of us are having boys first, considering our parents all had two girls first. We were a group of girl cousins before there were any boys for SUCH a long time.

Then there was this late-night craving. Tom simply shook his head and handed his card to the cashier.

Cravings the past two weeks:
Fruit, fruit, fruit. Fruity things. Fruit drinks. G2. Uhhh, sherbet ice cream?

Apparently driving in the backseat of my parent's car where I lost my breakfast in a matter of minutes, in front of all of them. That was sad for me. I really liked that breakfast. And I REALLY don't like how I lost it. At all. 

Best thing ever:
My 'donated' Snoogle pillow. It's like sleeping in supportive cloud of comfort and joy. Comfort and joy. 

Tom's aversion:
My snoogle pillow. He kicked it to the ground last night and said, "Get out of my life, alternate husband!" The week before he coined the phrase, "Snoogle snuggle." but added, "Sucks" at the end. 


  1. Cute pregnant lady: I am not familiar with this 'snoogle' pillow but I think I want one. Would it be helpful to a maniacal menopausal woman who needs sleep??

  2. Trilby, it is absolutely for everyone. It's so comfortable. It's just one long noodle pillow. You can google it. It has a lot of variations now. But it has made sleeping during pregnancy a dream (without crazy dreams). I bet it would be wonderful for a beautiful lady like yourself.