Monday, August 12, 2013

You Are a Very Beautiful: 23 Weeks

 23 Weeks

The thought has suddenly occurred to me that I am a week away from 6 months pregnant. As absurd as it sounds, pregnancy slows time down at the beginning. You are counting weeks and sometimes days. 6 months pregnant sounds about as likely as a unicorn when you're 8 weeks pregnant. And then all of the sudden, without my permission or even my consciousness, it's been 6 months. Zoinks! I guess I should start thinking of birth plans, get serious about my stretch mark cream regimen, consider a baby nursery and learn how to be a parent, huh?

Now would be the time when veteran parents should tell me about their must-have baby merch. I'd like to avoid unnecessary baby clutter as much as possible, so let's really zero in if we can.

My family (some of them) have been in town for a summer visit, mostly to visit our nephew Beckett, the boy wonder who has somehow gone from 3 pounds to just 2 months! Psshh, whatever, he thinks he's all that. I can and have gained that much weight overnight no problem. I should be a preemie.

We've had a couple of good weeks of family and friend visits. Speaking of friend visits, Jacob and Rachel Speirs finally had their first visit with us in Utah with their baby Riley. She knocks my socks off with her cuteness. We also had a lot of fun with her parents. Lesson learned? Pie is always a good idea.

We have played a lot of games with my family since they've been in town, in fact, I believe I fell victim to the worlds first croquet accident. I feel rather proud of that.

Here's an awkward family photo c/o my cousin Lindsay Joyner. I have no idea who Riley and my mom are nursing, but I'm scared.

I've been continuing in my pursuit of pregnancy fitness. I don't feel fit in the least, but I don't feel like a quitter either, so that's good. I've been doing a lot of - highly advised - sissy workouts, and for the first time in my life I don't feel bad about it at all. Also, NEWSFLASH! Just because you do Heidi Klum's prenatal workout doesn't mean you will look like Heidi Klum while pregnant. I have found that rather disheartening.

The baby is kicking a lot harder lately. So much so, my belly actually visibly jumps when you look at it. It used to only do that when I looked at Justin Bieber.

Speaking of The Biebs, this seemed like a good idea at the time...

Cravings: This past week I craved a ton of gatorade (G2), which I'm pretty sure you can chalk up to feeling very dehydrated. It's a hot dry place in which we live, and hydration has become supreme. I usually do NOT like gatorade. Other than that, I have a 35 ounce water bottle that I refill 3 times a day to keep that water consumption up as well. I have craved baked potatoes this week, but mostly at this very moment. Oh wow, I really want a baked potato... right... now. 

Aversions: Croquet. I've really got to stay away from that newly deemed 'contact sport' for the next little while I guess. 

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  1. you look wicked cute and that is a fabulous dress.

    also, you know i think baby merch is a load of tosh. diapers, 20 onesies, 6 or 7 blankies, a bucket of burp cloths, a carseat + stroller, a pack-n-play w/ bassinet option, and voila! you're good to go for several months. anything else people give you is great, but it's not necessary in my experience. oh, and the rocking chair has been nice once jethro moved into his own room, so if you find a good deal on ksl (i'm so jealous of your ksl!!!!!), i'd snag it. maybe make the onesies the kind with arms and legs and add some socks and hats, seeing as it's a winter baby in utah.

    if you're wanting a less spartan motherhood experience, the things i actually used and found more convenient than annoying were a swing, a changing table (for about 3 months), a baby bath (again, a few months until i felt more confident that i wouldn't drop him in the shower or that he wouldn't drown lying down, ha), and a diaper bag for his honkin' huge cloth diapers. if we'd done disposable, i probably would've stuck with a regular (possibly oversized) purse. not an option with those puppies.

    also... he had super bad reflux, so he slept in this luxe baby recliner thing that friends let us borrow, and that was awesome. they cost 150 bucks, though, and they're not THAT awesome ; ) my other friends just had their baby sleep in his carseat, and it worked just as well. and somehow jethro is the one with the lopsided head. ah, well.

    so there's that. babies on the cheap.