Monday, September 23, 2013

You Are a Very Beautiful: Week 29

Tom is gone for another week. See HIS BLOG for more details on that. I have to say, the past two and half years of marriage have been one crazy, beautiful ride, and his show Turning Point has had a ton to do with it.

He and his colleagues have worked so hard to make this show something worth watching, something transformative, something transcendent. If you've never seen it, please watch my favorite episode HERE. It's 24 minutes you will not regret.

As his wife, I can say that the experiences have humbled, touched, shocked, exhausted and even devastated him. All for the better, all for the better. He has called me from the road on some of the harder stories, and speaks to me as a man who has seen hard things and is often weighed down by them. From extremes of poverty in India, to people in Panama who have never seen a television or computer screen and beg to see themselves on camera just once, to abused women and children in the states who have an almost impossible time of rising above their circumstances. He has seen a lot, and plenty does not make the final edit.

Sorry babes, I yoinked this from your blog too...

Tom's own experiences with each story certainly do not always make the final cut.  I'm incredibly proud of him and honestly, I don't know many people that work as hard as Tom. Our son will have someone to look up to, and we will look up to him together. Yesh, yesh, I weep as I write.

That said, Tom's travel has never effected me more than now. My emotions are high and so are his. This slew of trips he is taking/will be taking have been a little more difficult for me to handle now that we are in the 8-10 week stretch before this baby, and yet what he does is so vitally important to us as a couple and also for the world at large.

Speaking of large...

Week 29 

My work has kept me busy for the most part when he's gone, but the mounting 'tasks' before us seem to weigh down on me, and it's hard without your partner to make decisions with you, even the minutiae. For instance, I really need him here to decide what bouncer to register for. This is vital! And I'm not going to buy things off of Craigslist without Tom to go with me, in case someone selling a breastpump is actually a murderer or likes to kidnap useless pregnant women. I've already named this potential psycho 'The Medela Killer'. It seems to me I may be crazier in this last trimester.

Before Tom left last week we watched three Jack Ryan movies, The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, and Clear and Present Danger. We skipped The Sum of all Fears, understandably (c'mon he ain't Batman and he's no Jack Ryan either).

While I thoroughly enjoyed watching these Tom Clancy magnum opuses, I'm afraid they might have made me a smidgen more paranoid than I already am. I now believe that the IRA wants to kill me and my husband. Also, Sean Bean is always a bad guy. If you see his name in the opening credits of a movie, don't ever assume otherwise. Unfortunately, I don't trust that Tom is not in the line of gunfire at all times now. Even in Maui. If that's where he REALLY is.

Also, Alec Baldwin was a weak choice for Jack Ryan. Just saying. Sean Connery on the other hand... we will all rue the day, Trebek.

We took our first birth class this past Saturday. It was informative and quelled a lot of anxiety for the most part, but it was long, long, long. And I'm grateful to my busy husband for sitting through it with me and having to watch lots of videos of women birthing in some pretty unusual positions. We're in this together and we were in that together, darling. And if I'm in some unusual positions, at least it's me and not a woman who is clearly too tanned all over her body to have been spontaneously filmed. That was troubling to Tom.

Cravings: Pretzels. Like the kind you get at Wetzel's. Those have been pretty exciting this week.

Aversions: I guess you could say I have an aversion to my tailbone feeling like it's been struck by Thor's hammer when I walk or stand up. So there's that. Sometimes it makes me fall to my knees out of nowhere. I'm thinking the baby has nestled himself onto a nice little nerve. Thoughtful of him.


  1. Look at your adorable bump! I can't wait to meet this little guy! Until then... be careful what you say on the phone. THEY ARE LISTENING!!!!

  2. Look at your adorable bump! I can't wait to meet this little guy! Until then... be careful what you say on the phone. THEY ARE LISTENING!!!!