Monday, September 30, 2013

You Are a Very Beautiful: Week 30

10 more weeks. The mind reels. This baby is imminent. Sure, he always was...but now he's ...über imminent? Husband is back (for a week) and time is ticking fast. The main questions:

When are you due?
What's the gender?
How are you feeling?
Have you thought of a name yet?
Are you going to have a natural birth?

1. December 7th
2. Boy
3. Meh
4. Your name is his name. He is John Jacob Jingleheimer Shmidt.
5. Whatever that means.

With husband away it was wonderful to have my old roomie Tiffani stay with me for a few days. She is moving to SLC and I am as pleased as punch. Sure, I'm not quite as party rockin' as I used to be (ok, I was never someone LMFAO should sing about and I have never actually said or written party rockers) but we had some nice movie nights, eating, and of course, what could be living on the edge more than a Renaissance Festival? Answer: Nothing.

Good fun. Especially the jousting with the Knights of Mayhem and the Fish and Chips.

We took in a puppet show and some archery lessons and horse vaulting and a completely fascinating Falconry presentation. Falcons are the fastest creature on the planet. Clocked at 300 MPH suckas. Cheetahs just wish they could be falcons, apparently. Speed envy.

We also saw Captain Jack Sparrow there, because nothing says Renaissance like a fictional character derived from a Disney ride.

All in all, skumps! Skumps! 'twas a merry time.

Lets see, a neighbor almost hit me and my unborn with her car yesterday as we were lugging ourselves around on a walk. That would have been something neat for Tom to return home to. Instead he returned to our plans tonight - the circus! Childhood dream will soon be fulfilled before my first born is here to know that his mother was never privy to such an event at the appropriate time: childhood. It could be about as necessary to see as a Harlem Globetrotters game, but at least we will have an immersive American experience.

Cravings: My old body back. Which of course I know will never really be the same, but...yeah, growing a little weary of the watermelon lugging in my midsection. That could have been a real event at the Renaissance festival.

Aversions: Bending, rolling, lifting, standing, physical movement.

Anyway, we will let you know how the circus goes and if there are any good looking and single animal rights protestors outside for any of you single and looking ladies and gents.


  1. Superb answers to the baby questions:)

  2. John Jacob Jingleheimer Shmidt will be fine...I like to shorten and have nick names so I think I will call Him...
    JJJS which sounds like JACE!! Ok... Jace it is!! Love your Blogs!! You gotta teach me how to do one k?? Counting weeks with you!! So exciting!!