Tuesday, September 3, 2013

You Are A Very Beautiful: Weeks 24 and 25


A tad behind on week's 24 and 25, and now I'm halfway through 26.

There have been some events, both in town and out of town in the last few weeks, and family and friends had everything to do with it.

After my family left, Tom's family came into town. We attended the Rising Star charity golf tournament again. But of course, we were the ladies who lunch. Granted, when you're pregnant you feel like you're always the lady who lunches.

Raschell and Tyson and my sister Riley came this year, so that was nice, even if we almost missed the luncheon and made a slight spectacle of ourselves. Warning: Pregnant and hungry. Will eat fists, grass, champagne glasses, and silverware if needs be. Hang propriety.

Shortly after this we were off to celebrate Robert Cowan's (whatever, Robert!) graduation and birthday. It was delightful. And made more fun with his "Well-Seasoned" themed party. His sister Amanda did an amazing job arranging everything, and stayed in character the entire night.

I'm so glad that Robert and Tom are older than me. I was always determined to marry someone older than me, and surround myself with friends that are older too. I deny the existence of younger friends when pressed about it. Sorry more than half of you.

We also took in a little bit of Back to the Future at the cemetery. Dad, dad, dadd-i-o.

The rest of our time in Orange County went as beautifully follows: 

Tom wheeling around some strangers baby in an effort to be one with strollers and fatherhood. 

The view


The Sawdust Festival (very cool)

Tom's Triumphant Tennis Tournament. We call it the Emerald Bay Open. 

Adam, a truly great tennis player. 

The best beach on earth (especially if you got engaged there)

My reading (and drinking) for the trip. A quick plug for the company I work for as well

The one and only Taco Loco. 

Aversions: Nighttime. For some reason my discomfort really increases at nighttime, and especially my frequent trips to the loo during very precious REM cycles. I could not drink liquid for 3 weeks and it wouldn't matter.  Knowing that it's only going to increase in the coming 3 months is creating a sort of frenzied anxiety in me that requires a type of daily meditation to extinguish. 

Favorite Things: I really enjoyed my read of Bringing up Bebe. I reflected a lot on my mom's parenting style. My mom wasn't a self-help book reader, and her parenting methodologies seemed to integrate gut feelings with the actual observing of her children and their unique needs and personalities. This seems to be how the French (for the most part) do things. While I do not think I'll adopt (or be able to adopt) everything I read in that little book of experiences of parenting abroad, I do see the logic and the beauty in a lot of it and hope to high heavens that I have some sort of instinct kick in...sometime. Anytime. Common sense is good too, I guess. 

Humorous Story: While we ate well for the last three weeks, and I've still been keeping up with my love of fruits, mostly peaches, we had a meal at Ruby's last week that broke a few of my own personal records and certainly defied Tom's own experiences with me and my eating habits. We had been stroller shopping for an absurd amount of time (and an absurd reason), and it prevented us from eating for a very long time as well. Later, at Ruby's, I ate a gigantic Gourmet Burger with bottomless fries that I filled up twice, followed by a huge piece of apple pie and ice cream (eaten entirely on my own), a refilled lemonade,  and a few bites of Tom's milkshake. I've never seen Tom's eyes so huge. I shocked and impressed myself as well. While I don't believe in eating this way frequently, or ever really, Tom applauded me for knowing what it feels like to be a teenage boy, instead of a pregnant woman. Subsequently, I could hardly look at food for the next two days. That's a meal that lingers. 

Proof of my food Everest

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  1. Haha! I love this! Congrats on the huge meal - sometimes you just have to do it :)

    And don't worry about instincts kicking in...mine still haven't, but luckily I still have some common sense lurking around and that has carried me well so far!