Friday, September 13, 2013

You Are A Very Beautiful: Weeks 26 and 27

Week 27 we have arrived, and week 28 is upon us tomorrow. Week 26 was good, and 27 hasn't been too bad. Sleep is becoming a little bit of a bummer for me, which sets my mind racing in the daytime about what I'll shortly be up against.

I make an earnest plea now to all mothers:
What exactly did you do to quell anxiety, that for me has begun to really sprout up? My mind is like the frenetic editing of a Baz Luhrmann film right now, but without the brilliant musical mashups. Things that didn't seem to phase me upon becoming pregnant are beginning to flair up here in the 3rd trimester. Is that normal?

An elderly man approached me yesterday, maybe knowing that I was full of anxiety, and said to me out of the blue, "My dear, proverbs 3:5-6. That is all you need." Tears immediately came out of my face. I thanked him anyway and he said "My wife had 7 kids. It never gets more predictable or less risky, but you can learn to become calm." He had to be 99 years old. Maybe he wasn't even real?

After becoming acquainted with the worst pain of my existence last year, I am indeed afraid of intense pain. Tom said the other day "Hey, just remember that pain doesn't kill you. And you've already been through much worse than childbirth the doctor said." And I thought, "Shut up, you did this to me! I'll kill you! I'll kill you!" Thought I'd get all of the sitcom-y things out in one shot. And J/K, btw. I don't believe Tom did this to me, I believe he's doing this with me.

He better be, or so help me...

Tom is traveling a lot right now, which I have justified as being OK until November, at which point I may tie him to a chair in our house so that he is here for sure when I go into labor. Yes, I've become the Wiley Coyote. Lend me an ACME railroad.

But Tom is the nicest Road Runner ever. If your husband leaves you detailed scavenger hunts in your apartrment when he goes out of town for a week (with the prize of a professional prenatal massage at the end of the hunt) you probably married a good egg. Meep meep.

I passed my glucose test last week, and honestly, it was really just fine. Maybe some women have had to drink antifreeze, but mine was just flat sprite.

On a sad note, I apparently challenged my nurse too much with my crazy veins and got tore up....

Let's see, we went to the James Taylor concert with Tom's family last week and that was nice. Reminded me of childhood. There was a lot of James Taylor in childhood. Probably had something to do with North Carolina, huh?

Little sister Riley had a birthday yesterday so we took what little time she had and got some very nice manicures and pedicures, and she introduced me to this delicious sandwich from Zupa's. Honey something or other...

Aversions: Getting out of bed. I sound and look like an orca whale when I attempt to get out of bed. The noises are alarming.

Cravings: Blueberry sour cream pie.

There's this one at this restaurant called The Dodo here and then there's this one I made. I also ate two cartons of raspberries in an hour last week. Thanks in-laws!

Anyway, lets talk baby gear....
Bassinets or just a pack n play? Bassinet and pack n play? No pack 'n play, no bassinet, just one of these?


  1. Courtney, you're adorable. You look so adorable in your photo and your humor is adorable, too. I say the 99-year-old man with 7 kids has more clout than the rest of us, so I would do what he says. Sounds like good advice to boot. :) Love you, girl!

  2. Thanks Emily! You're one adorable mama yourself. Having had at least one kid yourself, I'd say you've given some pretty sage advice too.

  3. Courtney, that last picture totally made my night. Hilarious! For James we have used an Arms Reach co-sleeper and LOVED it. I wish I would have had one with William. It is like an extension of your bed and it makes it extremely handy for middle of the night feedings. Instead of having to get out of bed and carry the baby when you are half asleep all you have to do it sit up and you can reach the baby.It's also really helpful if you end up having a c-section because it's hard to bend over and lift right after the surgery. Either way, we have found it to be really useful. Good luck with whatever you choose!

  4. I had a co-sleeper with Christian and it was definitely really handy, BUT you hear everything and so I found that I slept less because everytime he would move or make a noise, I would wake up. I say no to a bassinet because they outgrow it quickly. I am a proponent of putting them in a crib and establishing a routine, but I know this isn't for everyone. :)

    For anxiety: You have to trust that you can do this, you were made for this, and Heavenly Father wants you to have this beautiful baby and maybe even MORE! It's one really bad day, but a kid is so worth it. I suffer from anxiety (even with baby number 2) and so I would get a blessing of comfort often; when I was really freaking out. Sometimes it was every 4-6 weeks. Remember where the fear is coming from and surround yourself with positive people who will reassure you when your mind tells you being a mom is impossible. You can do this Courtney and I can't wait to meet him!


  5. Becca, thanks for the advice! The co-sleeper I hear is especially useful in those first few months when you aren't jazzed about getting up 6 times a night while having to actually walk into another room every time. I don't know why this has been such a hard decision to make, but it seems like everything is made a little harder these days. Everyone has a strong opinion on what is best and what is wrong, and they're probably all right, so it's hard for Tom and I to come down on anything sometimes.

    Lindsey, you're a total rock to me. I've used you as a model for so many things. You and I come from a lot of the same ways of thinking. It's great to have your input on things. I have been reading Babywise this week, and I'll let you know what I think by the end of it. I know that they are not for co-sleeping in that book (meaning, having baby in the room), but am I right to assume they're not totally against it either? I've been instructed by countless people recently to start reading The Happiest Baby On the Block. They seem to incorporate a lot of the same concepts of Babywise but add some different soothing elements from what I understand. Not sure how the sleep training stuff differs though.

    Thanks so much for your support!

  6. Yes! We definitely have a lot of the same ways of thinking: Awesome, independent, but plagued by anxiety ;) I totally recommend The Happiest Baby on the Block. I am not against co-sleeping, but I found with Christian, when he made a noise or cried in his sleep I thought he was awake and would try to feed him and he would scream because he wasn't hungry...he was tired!!!! So because I was anxious, having him in there just made things MUCH worse for me. Ultimatly, you will find what works for you and what quells the doubt. In looking back I feel like the co-sleeper and bassinet were definitely handy, but short-lived, so if you want something portable, a pack and play may be the way to go because it is more versatile :)

  7. Oh and PS we LOVE The Dodo! Next time we are in town - that is a must!

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  9. my comment was annoying...

    all i wanted to say was that it's okay to feel how you're feeling, and you will do an amazing job at everything, and we should talk soon because we all love you. the end ; )

  10. Elyssa!!! I loved your first comment, no deleting necessary (I even saved it and have read it over again) your words were just what I needed right now. Tom is beginning to get the sleeplessness that I have inherited and no doubt about the coming monumental changes about to occur in our lives. Also, the big gobbing variable that is labor and delivery must be throwing him too. But then we're reminded of you guys who have done it before that prove the outcome is worth it no matter the means, and it gets easier to breathe. Thanks for your support and words, I can't even adequately say how much I appreciate it. And yes! Lets chat! I have to know how baby #2 is treating you so far. I'm at the stage of finding it hard to breathe because I'm assuming he's grown into my lungs...normal? Crazy talk? Ok. Love you.