Friday, October 25, 2013

You Are A Very Beautiful: Week 33

(This picture is actually candid. The kid was kickboxing me and everyone got a feel)

Since week 32/33 was spent mostly in relaxation at home with my family in Houston, there's not much to tell. I really took it easy, so did Tom. We worked some of the day everyday, but got to swim and relax and watch movies and eat delicious Texas food most of the days. Boring to read, awesome to do.

In week 33, Tom had to head back to SLC to film, and I stayed a few more days and was humbled by a beautiful Texas baby shower thrown by our dear friends The Turners (you are amazing Heather!) and my mom and Ashley.

How cute was this spread? The bow tie garland was made of baby washcloths and onesies from our registry.
                                                                     The Yummies

The Tummies

My Adorable little Helpers


14 Years of Friendship

Reunited with dearest friends and was feeling like I was in a different world, or entering one. Having people call you a mom already, and getting excited for tiny baby clothes that are intended for your own's a lot to take in. I don't think it's any secret to most of you that motherhood has always been a sort of far off, maybe never going to happen sort of thing for me. Now that it is, but he's not here yet, I still battle this thought that I was not cut out for it, or that other people deserve it so much more, or would be better suited, you name it. But since we have basically 5 weeks before this kid is here, I'm just stepping into the unknown with fingers crossed.

Mom and Ashley took me for one last mother/daughter hoorah and we got the worlds best hot stone pedicures, which were drool worthy.
Pedicurists and massage therapists are so good to pregnant women, in my experience so far.

We then met with Suzy and Michelle for a night of reminiscing and the most unbelievable baked macaroni and cheese ever...

I packed up my effects that night, headed back to SLC the next day, and said tearful goodbyes to my parents at the airport. Next time they see me, I'll be a ...m-m-m-mom! It felt like my last night in the nursery, except now I'm actually preparing a nursery.

I got on the plane home, only to experience my first bout of....swelling!

I couldn't walk off the plane. It felt like someone was injecting metal into my calves and I was just getting heavier and heavier...horrible! My fault, yes. I knew I should have worn compression socks, walked more, drank more, but I was being prideful. Pride comes before the edema I've now realized.

When I got home, we had Tom's family in town, and we got to play with this little critter of a nephew.

I think he might be pregnant, because he could literally eat all day if we let him. Nick and Elyssa should check to make sure he's not pregnant.

Cravings: Ice and carbs. M/S came back again so bread becomes my only food group when that happens.

Aversions: The baby finally dropping low...low! That has made everything sitcom-y around here. Walking, sitting, standing...doesn't's awkward.


  1. You look so great! I am so happy you got to go home and have a beautiful shower. 5 more weeks!!! You can do it :)

    1. Thanks Lindsay! You're too nice. And yeah...right now...5 weeks feels like eternity! I'm sure I can/should find things to do in the meantime...but oh boy, the discomfort.