Sunday, November 3, 2013

You Are A Very Beautiful: Week 34

(Forward: I'm just getting myself updated here, even though it's November 3rd, and we're actually in week 35 now. It's OK, we'll get there, we'll get there. Just trying to document the journey for the baby and myself, and for some of you poor unfortunate readers. I'm actually not certain that anyone is or should be reading this anymore. Or ever.)

Courtney and Tom as babies

The first day of week 34 started with a bang of a baby shower, thrown by my besty Coryn Cope. Not only did she throw a great shower, she also took some wonderful photographs. She's a woman of many talents. She's preparing for her own wedding right now, and her hair is red, which makes her a superhuman, and certainly an endangered species.

This shower was all of my local SLC friends (and some surprises) and it was splendid. Thanks to everyone involved for getting it all arranged and coming along. I appreciate it all and am deeply humbled, Tom too.

This kid is so spoiled, and he's not even here yet. I'm going to have to make up for it by treating him like Oliver Twist at least one day a week for the rest of his life.

I'll just let you look at the pretty pictures, and marvel at how big I can actually get. But mostly notice how beautiful all of my friends and family are. I promise I don't pay for attractive people to be wherever I am, it just seems to work out that way.

Delicious food...

Opening an elegantly boxed gift...

Sister in-law, Jordan and Grandma Lois

Mother in-law, Annette.

Molly Farmer Smedley
Stacia Hullinger, from LA, long time no see...

Tiffani Barth. The one and only...

Carol Goodson and Amanda Seacrist...

More beautifully wrapped gifts...

Elise, Courtney, and Amanda...

No need to point, Stacia. It's basically eating your sweater out of the picture... 

Tiff and Me

Smiley Riley

Below we have recent mother Whitney Sukhan (9 Week old Pippa), Becca Barker (26 weeks pregnant), me (34 weeks), and Raschell Peschke (30 weeks). For some reason my sister in law Elyssa is not in this picture, who would have given us more pregnant goodness, at 24 weeks pregnant herself. Photoshop maybe? 

This week, I sadly had to retire the wedding ring for the time being so that it didn't have to be cut from my finger eventually. So we bought a little $10 fix-it ring.

Tom and I didn't do anything for Halloween this year besides sit together and watch Blackbeard's Ghost. I put this on for a little halloween gathering we went to, but that was it this year.

 I must really be pregnant, because Halloween is usually something I go to extremes for.

Cravings: There was a funny date night with Tom at Red Lobster. He asked me what I was craving, and I tried to very diplomatically create an argument for/manipulate him into Red Lobster for cheese biscuits. Jokes on me, because now I look like one.

Aversions: The aversions are unfortunately getting a little tougher to explain/not appropriate to talk about as much anymore. I'm swelling in the ankles and calves everyday, but keeping the compression socks on from time to time to help out with that. Mostly I'm uncomfortable, every single day. I'm trying to remain positive, but week 34 was a physically tough week for sure. It's hard to imagine going many more weeks like this. I wonder if I will?


  1. Courtney, I am loving that I can blog-stalk you! You look so great! Time will fly before your new man gets here. :)
    Swimming, sleeping with legs on small pillow, and leg massages from the hubsters helped with my swelling.

    1. Ah, i love blog stalking too! Thanks for the tips! I'm using them today! I'll report on my progress.

  2. Ah I'm so sad I'm not close to come to these things! It looks like it was so much fun! And stop being such a beautiful pregnant woman...okay don't stop, you can't help it anyway! Can't wait for the lil' peanut!

    1. Lady, you need to be here! I hope you're looking for jobs in this area. Who else am I going to eat buckets of ice with? This kid must know his auntie Mari B!

  3. It's been awhile since I've read your blog, but I love reading it, when I do! My oldest was born at 36 weeks, and my youngest at 34 weeks, so I don't have much advice to share in that perspective...but hang in there!!

  4. Oh I also meant to say, cute pictures, too! You look great!!

    1. Oh man! 34 and 36?! That's basically now for me. As uncomfortable as I am, I still know that I have stuff to do before boy gets here. It's such a paradox...but thanks for your input!

  5. haha Court that's hilarious! I love our picture! And you look great! I'm so happy and excited for you! I'll be stalking this blog as well :) The nature of social media, right? ;) Love you!

    1. So glad to have social media to connect with...but even more glad that you're here in Salt Lake City to connect with!