Sunday, November 10, 2013

You Are a Very Beautiful: Week 35

It might seem like there have been a lot of showers in our life, and that's because there have been. You're not wrong. Nice analysis.

I could not be any more excited for my besty Coryn Cope to get married to her beau Scott in December. It's such a good month and such a perfect occasion. Since Coryn and Scott met in France, I figured what better theme to throw her a bridal shower with?

So, here are so some photos of last Saturday. This marks the first time for me being a maid of honor. An honor it truly is. I love being sister wives with my friend... Wait, I don't think that's the right way to put that? Fellow wives?

This last week (post-shower of course) has been the hardest of the pregnancy. For documentations sake I will just say that I felt like I was in a body prison this week and it took everything in me to put my focus in other places so I wouldn't just fly to Massachusetts, kidnap Tom from work and haul him back home where I would immediately go into labor. We did make it, despite having some contractions this week that worried me, and the doctor telling me that I'm already 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced, and probably needed to take it easy so that we didn't have the baby this week. So I worked in bed most of the week and was actually insanely productive, to the point where I ran out of things I could do productively on bedrest.

Tom's family members were in town, so at least I knew I would have someone to drive me to the hospital in the event. But instead we just had some nice meals and watched classic Disney movies (The Ugly Dachshund anyone?) We got through the week, Tom is back now, and we are getting this show on the road.

OK, Belly bands. Yea or nay? Did they help any of my pregnant friends and family during the last few weeks? Wondering if I would benefit.

Anyway, week 36...we have arrived.

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  1. Oh man. The last 6 weeks really are the hardest! You can do this. I did use a belly band with the 2nd pregnancy and I felt like it helped. Since you are so small, I can't imagine it's easy heaving that big ol' baby around. Go try one on and see if it helps take some of the pressure off. The bad news is, if you think that by strapping one on it's going to feel like someone else is carrying that burden for're wrong. It's lame, I know. I am still working on a way to take off the baby bump for just a few minutes each day :D