Tuesday, January 28, 2014

You Are a Very Beautiful: I'm Sorry Gloria

Catcher is now 11 pounds, 24 inches, and 9 weeks old.

He does not sleep through the night, but we've had a couple of 5 hour breaks here and there, which have been nice. I'll be honest, every night, when the wailing starts, I audibly groan and in my head exclaim, "For the love of Asgard, please, please, please let this be a dream, and if it is a dream, can we go back to the part where I'm a hobbit already!"

Since we returned from the Christmas break, he began fussing, screaming and writhing non-stop, which made it impossible for me to do anything but hold him all day, much less get any work done. Seems that Catcher is making it his mission in life to see that I'm a stay-at-home mom, and also just a milking station with arms. I've never felt so objectified in my life. If he wasn't so cute, I'd be writing Gloria Steinem. But darn it, I do enjoy cuddling him... a lot!

At his official 2 month old doctors appointment last week, it was revealed that he has reflux, and now he is on some medication that should hopefully help the discomfort and perhaps the fussiness.

Last week was mums first official outing with Catcher, and that means no one had to help me get him in and out of the car, and it was the first time I've driven since he was born too; now that was a crazy realization. 

I've healed quite nicely I suppose. I felt like a real woman for a couple of hours instead of Clarabelle cow. It was so nice to have lunch with my dear, dear, Tiffani. What's more, it was at The Rose Establishment in downtown Salt Lake. 

'For her' herbal tea for two
Tomato soup and avocado toast

I'm ashamed to call myself a Downtowner for all of these years while somehow missing this place. It was just the right amount quaint: 2 parts hipster yes, but 1 part sincere, which is passing in my book. It's a must go, friends. In fact, call me, we'll go with you. Catcher loves kibitzing with mom's buddies.

In the meantime, Dad and mom run on fumes most of the days, but we did sneak in the new Jack Ryan movie (Catcher slept, and didn't miss much) and had a visit from Tom's parentals, which helped me get some adult company and some relaxation while Tom worked and went out of town.

Aunt Riley visited this weekend to help me while Tom was gone and even let us get our first nap since Christmas break...splendid!

I know a ton of you have had babies with reflux (unfortunately) and I'd be really jazzed to get some advice for getting through it. So far, we let him sleep a bit propped up, he takes his medicine twice a day, I burp him like crazy, we've tried baths for soothing (HE LOATHES BATHS), and just last week, thanks to my sister in law, we have a swing that he likes a lot (I like it way more). Anything I'm missing that you guys did? I should give the medicine about 2 weeks to really work, the doc says. I guess I'm just a bit impatient. I'm fully aware that in a flash we will go from from infant reflux to teenage rebellion, but a little relief would be nice in the meantime.

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