Wednesday, October 29, 2014

You Are a Very Beautiful: Catching up with Catcher, Part 2

Part 2 is going to be mostly pictures (I know, thank goodness!) After we met up with Tom we had just a couple of days to celebrate a birthday, enjoy the beach with Catcher for the first time, see some friends real quick and especially just enjoy having some time with Tom again. I hope I haven't downplayed how sad and hard it was to be without Tom for so long, and especially with a baby that has the memory of maybe a goldfish, unless a goldfish actually has a keen memory, in which case he's got the memory of a...something with really short term memory.

Anyway, we started out at the beach, where he heard the ocean for the first time and whipped around like a bat outta...just to see it.  We let him feel the water for the first time, which he did not like.  I don't like the cold pacific either, bubs. He did however adore the sand. 

"But without my voice, how can I..."

And then that night they had birthday celebrations for Robert and many of his close friends and family, and that was awesome. Oh except for the part where Robert dislocated his shoulder in the ocean like 2 hours before the party. What a champ. And his sister Amanda (and brother Lex?) put together a great party on the beach.

We did more beaching the next day and more celebrating.

We went to do a little more Robert birthday celebrating (can we call it that if we mostly enjoyed it for ourselves as much as for him?) at Balboa Island. This was a great flashback for me into one of my best childhood vacations ever.
Tom getting on the Balboa Island ferry.

The Cowan's are so great to let us stay with them for all of this, and Catcher got some California rays in the mornings in his little pack 'n play.

Whoever first told me about the pool idea, you win the prize of life! This thing was wonderful and he loved it. 

This is what you call sand drunk. No, it shouldn't be a thing, and yet...

This is a stinker face. Observe....

Had the most epic asian fusion food buffet with this riffraff that I call my pals. I miss them!

One of my favorite places on planet earth, and easily some of the best food as well: The Beach Comber

"I would most delight in having all of your whipped cream, Fath-ah" - English Catcher

These are like eating a fried cloud. Amazing beignets, in Crystal Cove of all places!

Tom watching out for baby snipers at The Beach Comber

This is my favorite. On our walk back up from Crystal Cove. 

Always trying to break into the cooler for a snack. My baby is Yogi Bear. 

Catcher got meet Lulu the Bulldog and let's just say, there was a little bit of resistance, but not from the bulldog. 

Last beach time with Dad. Tom was so great, he got up the few mornings we were there and took him on an early walk on the beach while I slept. Catcher was so psyched and it was lovely for me, too. 

I was part of the exclusive group of beach baby mamas. There were A LOT of them. 

We went to see the Johnson's in their awesome new pad on the BEACH in Huntington, and since we had so much fun I didn't take a picture, so I yoinked this off their FB. Can't wait for their new little man to arrive. 

Well, as always, it wasn't nearly long enough of a trip and we were on our way to go and see Jacob and Rachel Speirs in Northern California, but due to unforeseen Labor Day traffic that had us sitting for like 6 hours, and a suddenly VERY cranky baby, we made the very sad but necessary decision to take a HUGE detour, but towards Vegas. We stayed for two days, and then headed back to Utah. Another day, soon I hope, Jacob and Rachel. 

On our drive, we actually drove past the set of Sons of Anarchy and Tom geeked out. (I'm sorry Tom, but you did.)...

Took a little obligatory Primm, NV stop to let this crazy baby stretch his legs and be a wild man. 

But then we went to Vegas and Tom finally introduced me to the best sushi he's ever had, and I then geeked out!

Catcher loved it, too!

Eating a cucumber something or other that was delicious!

I look like I just ate the canary, but actually it was sushi.

Because it was all so nice; the hotel, the food, the FINALLY HAVING FAMILY TIME TOGETHER, I convinced Tom to stay one extra day and just enjoy ourselves, and yes, go back to the Sushi place again the next night.

So he did, and we did, and I was so happy about it. So was Catcher, this kid played HARD with his dad.

Ugh, with the bathroom already, Catcher.

Tom snuck a picture of some cuddle time during our early morning "go back to sleep right now, kid!" session.

Tom has had to film a lot in Vegas lately so he knew some top notch places to eat and see, and of course, I know a few fun places myself; especially for a baby. Let me tell you folks, if you want to take a baby to Vegas, talk to me. I know things.

First we ate at one of Tom's favorite Thai places on the old strip. And it was fantastic. We got this weird egg omelet DESSERT. I didn't know what I thought at first, and then a few bites in, apparently I thought, let's eat all of it.

Being August in Vegas, I was definitely worried about the heat, but we tried to keep ourselves and the baby as cool as possible. This is Catcher at the Thai restaurant, little red face, trying to soak in the mister fans they had...

After this we wanted to take our baby to the most wholesome place in Vegas-- The Mob Museum. But after we saw the hefty entry fee, we decided, nah, better not. And instead we went to track down the mermaids we had heard so much about. This was actually pretty cool and Catcher probably thought he was having one of his Disney dreams.

We also saw this little guy. And Catcher could NOT have cared less. 

Ok, that about covers Vegas. Stay tuned for part 3 of Catching up with Catcher where we cover the next like, 6 weeks. 


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