Tuesday, October 28, 2014

You Are a Very Beautiful: 'Gilmore Girls' On Netflix and Other Drugs

It's been since summer and no posts. So I'm going to do a massive catch-up, which mostly means catching up with Catcher, which is also our favorite saying these days -  we're really pulling for a talk show.

First, I must start by asking -  is anyone else basically losing every hour of their week re-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix? Or watching for the first time? I hope so, because binge re-watching has been a big part of our nights lately. I know, romance, romance, romance. The only issue with watching G.G is that I am always tempted to eat exactly like Lorelei and Rory as I watch. So, I want to do Pop Tart towers, burgers and fries, pizza, chinese food, candy topped with candy. Luckily, I haven't been doing that this time around (Tom reigns me in), but back in my AMAZING metabolism days, my sister Ashley and I  - finding that Lorelei and Rory were our spirit animals - hardly watched an episode without also adding cuisine that had to meet just two criteria: processed and MSG laden.

Anyway, I hope you'll give Gilmore Girls a chance if you haven't before.

So, on to life.

After Tom finished filming his movie, while we missed him tremendously, we returned to him in Laguna Beach, CA to celebrate Robert Cowan's B-day as soon as he wrapped. But this was all after having a great and long trip to Houston and a little bit of Dallas.

So let's start with Texas. During that time in Texas we attended the beautiful wedding of Michelle Williams and her husband Jacob Wagner. Most importantly, her name is Michelle Wagner now. That's probably better in terms of dealing with everyone making either Destiny's Child or Dawson's Creek references all the time (anyone notice there's also a D.C initials connection there?). Or maybe it's not. Michelle if you read this, can you please let us know if it is truly better? Or do you miss the comments sometimes? Also, congratulations, GF!

Photo Booth fun with Suzy and Catcher. He didn't get it.

Reunions with old friends, and now engaged old friends. Love you Michelle B!

I miss my sister in Gilmore Girls, Ashley. Oh yeah, she's also my real sister.

We also enjoyed time with cousin Beckett and Aunt Jordan and Uncle Mitchell, who were there, too. It was a ton of fun having the boys together. The only hitch was having to vacillate between Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Catcher's only love) and Bubble Guppies (Beckett's only love). Boy was it tough, but we managed and the mothers are still living to tell the tale.

Beckett the Bubble Guppy

Tandem Cousin-ing

We went on lots of little outings with the babes, including aquariums galore, lots of swimming, the children's museum, restaurants, and it couldn't be complete without a trip to La King's Confectionary in Galveston and of course, all of the amazing food that Texas is known for.

Here are some NEVER BEFORE SEEN PHOTOS (on IG or FB) if you're more of a visuals kind of person.

Tatum Turner snuck in a hand hold. Sneaky, and actually effective. Catcher seems pleased. 

How great is it that there is a Torchy's (several actually) in Houston now!? Here's my Trailer Park, got it trashy, of course. 

 What I love the most about the next pic is the one that follows it. Revealing the truth of most staged baby photos

Catcher's first swing. During dusk. Great. Good job mom. 

 With a Super Cow at the Children's Museum. He was obviously very impressed. 

He needed a haircut, but we'll ignore that for his inquisitive cuteness at the Children's Museum.

Beckett is ADORABLE. He looks like Indiana Jones discovering a humdinger here. 

Gigantic Light Bright which I want SO bad. I almost shoved Catcher out of the way.

Believe it or not, this was his first slide, and maybe the first one I've gone on in years. 

Moody Gardens Aquarium. He LOVED this. 

La King's! What can I say but, La King's! A family favorite for 18 years. Lorelei and Rory would approve.

Catcher ate like half of this. Baaaaaaaaaad baby mama. Bad baby mama. 

I LOVE this face. Totally ice cream zonked. He's been 'La Kinged' we'll say. 

The beautiful skyscrapers of Houston. Catcher was mesmerized.

Some of the best Pizza EVER at Pizaro's Pizza off Memorial in Houston

Oh the way he sleeps when he sleeps. 

Then it was on to Laguna to reunite with Tom after a month a part and for a lot of firsts for the baby; Catcher's first time to California, Catcher's first time to the ocean and his first time meeting many of our best friends. Please read part 2 for that.

                             Sitting at sunny John Wayne Airport waiting to reunite with Tom

Catcher was only 9 months at that time, and now he's 11. Yuh, I'm behind. My Instagram (@courtneyb.morrill) is updated, but my blog - the details as I call it - has been sorely neglected. I'm trying to get better for the sake of my son and his own records, I mean, I'm sure he'd be bummed if I didn't document all of the dressing rooms he had to sit in with me over the last few months, or the diaper explosions that have been tended to all over the country, some quite impressive.

Anyway, read part two in my next post for part 2 in Catching up with Catcher.
(I know, I know, you're saying, "Courtney, stop trying to make Catching up with Catcher happen!")


  1. I'm personally a big fan of this post!

  2. Thanks, hon. I really hoped you would.

  3. I watched all of Gilmore Girls in, like, 3 wks. I have no life right now. I loved every second of the show...and this post. Catching up with Catcher...it's very...catchy ;)

  4. Ah! I am only watching G.G. for the first time and I just started Season 5. LOVING IT!

    Oh, and your kid is great too. Glad you are all alive. ;)

    J/k j/k. Loved the post. Especially the behind-the-scenes look of the amazing bath in the sink picture. That was amazing!