Friday, October 24, 2014

You Are A Very Beautiful: 11 Months and Counting

Before I get into a post about ALL of October, I thought I should focus one post entirely on the 11 month old Catcher. I marvel that a year has gone by and I can't imagine life without him. That probably seems redundant by now. October was his month of HUGE milestones, like, you know, WALKING.

First, let's start by this. Nothing is safe anymore. Our house is Jurassic Park and "...[we] didn't have enough respect for that power and it's out now. "

Ahh, the blessed event. He started to walking for a couple of days, stopped entirely a few days, and now he's invincible. 

We thought these downward dogs were tricks he was doing on his way to walking...

As it turns out, he walks fine now, and still does this several times a day. Our little yogi. 

This had been terrifying and short of gating him out of the kitchen, we're not really sure what to do about it. 

This kid has lived his whole life in our slow elevator. Welcome to city living, babes. 

Caught with his pants down (they ARE for 18 months I guess).

He loves Ikea. And maybe I do too, considering he knows Ikea enough to love it. Guilty. 

He LOVES apples. It must feel so good on all that prime gum real estate he has. 

Sunday dinners at Grandma Lois' house. Always a highlight. 

Also, these two are best friends. Catcher LOVES Tom; as in, excitedly runs to him when he comes home every night. I love it but also, boof. How many times does someone have to birth someone to get that kind of reception. No times?

Anyway, it's been a crazy wonderful ride to 11 months with this guy. Hoping for 11 more decades at least. 

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