Tuesday, November 25, 2014

You Are a Very Beautiful: Catcher Turns One

Catcher's First Birthday

Catcher spent the whole week before his birthday at Disney World, which for me and Tom was a total win; because there is only one thing this boy loves more in the world than us, and possibly more than us, and that's Mickey Mouse. Mickey in the morning, Mickey in the evening, Mickey at supper time. Also, this was a win since I felt like all of the huge pressure of a big first birthday party was taken off of our shoulders and given to Mickey. Granted, I could have just been a grown up and not caved to 1st world pressures to throw extravaganzas for 1 year olds, but let's be honest, I'm not super good at that. 

And boy was Catcher amazing! Ahhhhmazing. I talk about this in the Disney posts, but this kid was DELIGHTFUL during the whole trip, was happy as could be every day (like there was only one day where he even cried a little) not to mention was STUNNED by and even ran towards Mickey mouse in the flesh, or the plush, as I say. 

I don't care who you are, I don't care what your Bukowski hatred of Disney might be, when your child loves a character so much he would snuggle with him and come out of a horrible bout of reflux for him, you would give that Mouse all of your money, all of your sanity, and be happy about it. In fact, you'd ask if he'd like anything else, "A kidney? No? Some other time then."

Catcher's first Mickey Ears

Our happy flyboy

His actual birthday was spent traveling back from Florida, and waking up SUPER early to do so, but when we arrived in Salt Lake he was fetched from the airport by Tom's parents, so he saw both Grandparents in one day. Grandma and Grandpa Morrill got him a toy, which is good since Tom and I are the worst parents ever and basically NEVER buy him toys, and we muse that this might have something to do with our advancing ages. We feel like we are milking as much time as we can before the kid will be asking for toys, so we have no desire to be doing it now unless someone else already gave one to him. So he has a little bin of toys to play with, and naturally he ignores it each and every day. Our Tupperware, on the other hand, and all of our spatulas, that's right up his street. I'm training him to bake me things, and of course, the post-apocalyptic village he'll live in one day. Useful skills that keep you in the tribe, that's what we're about. 

Anyway, here are some adorbs pictures of his actual birthday where he got to eat cake, and acted as we predicted about the eating of it, in other words, ickied out by it. He went to bed for 12 hours without waking that night, though. Is this his birthday or mine?

"Cake is like a punishment..."

He also got to play a lot with Aunt Riley and Uncle Mason 

Of course, just about two days after he got INCREDIBLY sick for about a week which was not the ideal, we'll say, and sent me into an immeasurable panic. 

But when I'd get really sad about scared about it, I'd just remember that this one waitress at WDW made Catcher special Mickey oreos for his birthday and the unbridled delight it gave him...

Happy 1st Birthday to the boy who has changed our lives, who keeps changing it, and luckily, for the better. 


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  2. Happy 1st Birthday Catcher! You are one lucky littke boy!