Saturday, November 1, 2014

You Are A Very Beautiful: October. All of it. Uh boy.

Well, October felt like a giant prep month. So I guess I wasn't 'prepped' for putting it into separate blog post. On the horizon we had endless Halloween, Disney world, a 1st birthday, Thanksgiving, and Tom leaving town and being crazy busy.

Here are the highlights. 

We started out the month going to Catcher's first pumpkin patch. It was gorgeous, and very crowded and hilarity and adorableness ensued. 

The whole 'Utah' Branning family was there, and that was fun. The boys did a little apple chuckin'. 

And he did it with an Ergo Baby on. 

 Beckett man is growing up so fast and it's great to see him and Catcher hang out together, even if they can't share one  pumpkin in a PATCH of pumpkins.

  Pardon the 1 million bruises on Catcher's face. We were learning to stand a lot more at that time. 

It was a great family experience all around. 

Tom had to get his apple beer. DIET?

A successful family photo, even if there is a bottle making a cameo, as usual. 

Riley and Mason getting their shots in. 

We shortly after had the family over for UGA Game day at our place, and I tried my hand at my first Chili, PUMPKIN chili at that. It was well received. 

They love their 'Uncle' Riley.

I had a chance to do my monthly girls night with Tiffani, and take a horribly blurry picture. 

We ate at Station Park and saw Alexander and the No Good, Horrible, etc, etc. Maybe it's my current state of being, or coming from a family of 6 kids, but I really enjoyed it and so did Tiffani, who also comes from a big family. 

This Sear Ahi Tuna Salad at ParkStone is basically my favorite. 

Love Tiffani so much and so glad she lives here now. It's the best!

Then it was Halloween. Oh, Halloween. Last year I basically felt justified in ignoring you due to my burgeoning belly and 3rd trimester crankiness mixed with a whole lot of lazy. This year I put in slightly more effort, but only slightly. 

It's pretty easy for me to feel like this is enough Halloween cuteness...

Since it seems that Halloween is like THE ENTIRE MONTH OF OCTOBER NOW it just feels like a lot. Do I seem a little burned out and fuddy duddy? Perhaps. 

On halloween night, we got Catcher ALL ready and down to the SLC Police Department Halloween festival, only to have Cacher fall asleep on the way there, and then have Art City Donuts (the reason we came) close up like 5 minutes before we got there. We did get to see a pumpkin get smashed from this FD ladder though. 

So it was kind of a fail.

No candy on Halloween, we just ate this and felt horrible about it roughly 5 slices in.

Oh but earlier in the month of Halloween (all halloween, everyday) we DID deliver a much better performance at the Trunk or Treat. 

Jack Donaghy and the son he never had. 

My boys. 

We had a couple of costume selections, but mostly Catcher was just a pea pod, and had his choice of being Buzz or Woody, but we saved that for Disney in the end.

 I on the other hand was Liz Lemon for ONE Of our Halloween days, and Scar from The Lion King on the other, but mostly just in my attitude. 

"You have nooo idea..."

And now for some October randoms.

It is a truth universally acknowledged: overalls will always come back into style, no matter the iteration. Deal with it all of us. 

Went and saw Riley perform in a reading of Company by Stephen Sondheim. She gave a wonderful performance, as did the rest of her cast. 

"Bobby baby"

Then we actually go into a little bit of November where we were invited to dear friend Whitney Sukhan's NEW baby shower (her first was born just 15 months earlier! Ahh! Wonder Woman!)

They live in Heber now so the drive was beautiful and relaxing for me, when Catcher fell asleep that is. 

Beautiful decor (although I'm partial to the princess sippies)

Whitney REPURPOSED that table from a $60 purchase at D.I or something. Sigh. I've got to start doing stuff. 

He was so happy to be playing with any other toys at any other house with any other people. 

Cute pregnant Whitney, her ADORABLE little Pippa and Catcher. Pippa did NOT take to Catcher's toddling. 

Once Halloween and other October events were taken care of (thoroughly) it was time to start focusing on this MASSIVE - and massively awesome - family trip to Disney World coming up in November. I took prep very seriously and tried to get ahead of myself this time. 

Made my own Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party sweaters/onesies. Morrills represent.

Let the Disney Ebaying commence...

Best $1.99 Spent in my life...

Sister in-law Jordan and I did some extensive craft shopping and 'imagineering" to make custom princess Mickey ears for our trip. Jordan is SO good at this stuff. 

Look at her Ariel ears!

Here is my Belle, or probably more fittingly Beauty and the Beast.

Some Christmas Mickey ears I dabbled with. 

Getting a pre-Disney World haircut at Cookie Cutters. We love this place. Catcher thinks it's tolerable because he gets to sit in a toy car and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and be catered to by no less than 3 adults, one of them a cute blonde. Uh boy. 

Stay tuned for the next several posts where I'll detail the awesome family trip to Florida. 

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