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You Are A Very Beautiful: Florida Trip - Day 4 - Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom
The boys woke up this beautiful morning, ready to play hard. 

Here they are in the Animal Kingdom Lodge lobby before we took our bus to Animal Kingdom, which was super nice that day because it was about a 3 minute drive. 

My apologies upfront to the family. Apparently after our first Magic Kingdom day, and the photo-happy experience that was, many people did not take photos on this day - especially Mitchell, Jordan, Dad, Mackey, and Ashley - because I could only really find 2 of all of them. So, here are some photos of the fun of the day and the tone of the day, but not necessarily everyone is featured, and especially not heavily.

So here's a cool tree on our way to our first ride of the day, Kilimanjaro Safaris, which is admittedly, my favorite thing.

Beckett was lively and all about this thing. 
As you can see, Catcher loved it....and was fading fast...

He lasted on this lulling, jolting, rocking, bumpy safari ride for all of about 4 minutes. And then....

We've done this ride a lot of times before, and it was definitely the most animals actually out and about that we've ever seen. 

After the Kilimanjaro Safari, we walked the grounds to see the other wild life on the property. I love this part. 

Totally gorgeous day. Love that tree.
From here it was time to meet our FastPass+ time using Disney's new RFID enabled Magic Bands, which we pretty much loved having, and worked to our advantage in a great way on this trip. 

Expedition Everest is the favorite ride of the day for sure. Unfortunately, on this day, it rocked a few people -aging people - and although fun, the very first ride of the day knocked some people off their equilibrium. I won't say who (but PM me and I'll totally tell).

And the ride photos re-commence. Everyone tried to think of their best poses. 

Hard to tell how staged this one is though....
Riley doesn't appear to be acting....
Me and Mom doing our best child beauty pageantry, and apparently with Aziz Ansari.
Mackey and his spelunking buddy....
After Expedition Everest, we spent a while having some fun in the Dinoland U.S.A. area and getting these gems...

On our favorite ride: Dinosaur. Why? Probably for the photo op. 
Just so you know - because it's not evident in the photo - there is a really scary dinosaur trying to attack us at this part, and we spend an inordinate about of brain space trying to think up poses beforehand. A little pathetic... but fun. 

Apparently the guy up front(right), decided that closing your eyes makes it go away. And we make fun of children for this stuff?

It was lunch time for sure. So we ate at Flame Tree BBQ, and sat in their scenic eating area on the water. 

Just eating at the base of Everest. Basically Hemingway. No bigs. 

And Catcher turned into a chocolate vampire again over this chocolate mousse cup thingy. 
After lunch we took the whole family to the Finding Nemo The Musical stage show It was awesome. I love Finding Nemo, and since Catcher is in a huge aquarium phase, he thought it was pretty cool....for a while. We sat in the very back though, which limited some of his enjoyment. 

Beckett nabbed a seat near the very front, to get to interact with the characters and bubbles, and he loved it. That is until he and Catcher, sitting far away from each other, both decided to basically blow out of their diapers during the same show. So we ran them out at the end, but Beckett still got to go pants-less. Lucky. 

It was time for the family favorite, It's Tough to Be Bug inside the Tree of Life. Catcher and Beckett were amazingly great in this, even if Catcher did get a little freaked out when they spray the audience with bug killer and having to endure the ladies screaming. 

Afterwards: Love this tree, love these boys. 

The day was winding down at this point, and we decided, quite insanely, to convince my dad to ride Kali River Rapids. This was stupid. We will all now readily admit it. But, since we are all like moths to the flame, we can't help it. We ride it every time, much to our soakingwettedness.
There are, understandably, no photos of the carnage. It was intense.

So, laughing, yelling, drenched from head to toe (not an inch to spare) Jordan, Mitchell, Dad and Mackey decided it was time for them to go back to the resort and dry off and rest. 

Bye Beckett. :(

But at least he got this moment with Ballou before he left. 
Catcher got a little tired and fed up after Beckett left and kept rubbing his head all over Uncle Mason. 
We were both sad to see them go and wondering if we should have left too. But we had a great time riding Expedition Everest about 6 more times because Catcher slept for like 2 hours and allowed us all kinds of shenanigan-ery. 

We separated to do single rider, but were always basically together, as you can see below...
(red bald head is going to die I think)
Afterwards we enjoyed a few more attractions that were basically empty now, and the unbelievable weather...and trying to dry off. 

Tom enjoying. 
Tom and I got a nice minute to ourselves. And considering our love of Jurassic Park, this is pretty 
much romantic.

As we were on our way to ride Dinonsaur one more time, we had to get a photo with Safari Donald. But then things got real...
Donald tried to steal me away from Tom (Tom didn't seem too phased)...
Still dragging me...
I reminded him about Daisy....
That's right. I know about you and you're little 'girlfriend'. I asked, "Are you guys married yet?" And he pointed to his pocket and then his ring finger, and his cast member friend said he doesn't have enough money to get her a ring. Pretty convenient mime reading there Disney employee. 
Ladies, do not let yourself be victims to these men. They will make you feel special, until it's over, and then what? They go back to their talking female duck who clearly emasculates them and you're just his lady on the side. 

So from here, we were on our way out. A little sad about the construction for the new water show blocking the beautiful view of the Tree of Life, but we figured we better take some bad photos anyway. 

Grainy, blown out photo. 
Grainy, blown out photo.
Grainy, blown out photo. 
Grainy, blown out photo. 
 Ghostly, awkward, grainy, blown out photo. 
Also, harem pants at Disney World everyone. You're welcome. I'm telling you, it's like being Princess Jasmine and in pajamas all day. 

 After coming back to the resort, getting some food and resting a bit (mostly drying off our shoes) many of us kept with tradition, and reserved this night as a night to hop on the monorails and go resort hopping. We usually do this on our Disney World trips, and this would be no different, especially as it was Tom and Catcher's first time. So me, Tom, Catcher, Ashley, Mason, Riley and my mom set off. We even caught the ferry at The Grand Floridian and watched the Wishes firework show at Magic Kingdom from the boat. That's always fun. 
 It was cool to see the Alice in Wonderland themed kids splash pad area added to Grand Floridian this time. 
From here it was fun, but it gets a little hazy. Tom and Catcher started getting beyond tired. And when Tom starts acting like Catcher, I'm handling two tired toddlers basically. If only Tom would take a bottle.  
The Giant Gingerbread House at The Grand Floridian is a thing to behold. And takes a lot of self-restraint. 
 Mason, Tom and Catcher trying to practice some self-control. 
 The act...
The truth....
There is this adorable toddlers sitting area at The Grand Floridian, and Catcher came out of his haze for that. 

Isn't he scrumptious?
 Favorite photo from this day. 
 Who would say no to sitting with him? Seriously, who!
It was so nice to get home to the resort that night. We slept hard. As if that's even a question?

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