Monday, December 1, 2014

You Are A Very Beautiful: Florida Trip - Day 6 - Hollywood Studios

The best way to describe this day is "awesome disaster." Almost everything that could go wrong did, but when Brannings get together, we always seem to make those experiences the best ones (Please see: San Diego Zoo Disaster of 2009). So, we must be magic, ("You have to believe we are magic...") or just really obnoxious. 

Starting the day off by being kind of late getting in to the park wasn't great, and then sorta getting ourselves messed up by waiting on everyone (and I do mean everyone, all of us took turns) sorta set an initial tone.

The good news? Buzz and Woody came along and actually loved their costumes (score!)
Beckett: "You are a sad strange little man, and you have my pity, farewell!"
Clearly the lesson learned on this first extended family trip to Disney World with babies: DON'T WAIT. It's not rude, it's just b'niz. And survival. And enjoyment. We will get it better next time, even if it was pretty great this time, too.

Now for the disasters mixed with fun:
First things first, we always have to start Hollywood Studios with everyone's favorite: The Great Movie Ride. 

Tower of Terror was next and it's a super good thing we had fast passes. Ugh. 

For the "off season" the park was paaaaacked, which we couldn't account for and all of our usual favorite attractions were either huge lines, not exactly performing to the best of their abilities (ahem, Indiana Jones stunt show) or completely canceled due to rain - Oh,the rain - or other technical difficulties. No one pre-warned us that the Backlot Tour is gone as well, which was a bummer and then we thought, well, at least we will take Tom and Jordan to see Lights, Motors, Action --canceled! Ok, well, at least Toy Story Mania -- boom, down for the count (until later that night, hallelujah).

And the rains came down. And down. And down. This made several people pretty cranky (ahem: Tom mostly.)
The following moment depicts when it poured so hard we tried to stay dry and warm (unsuccessfully) under a merchandise kiosk that closed down due to the rain. 

Tom heard an Italian child say, in all seriousness, "Mamma mia!" to his parents and it made our day. 

We ate at Pizza planet though which was a big hit...

Buzz decided to go into hyper sleep for a little while. 
And Woody continued to work on their escape plan. 
And then Disney Junior Live On Stage saved the day (we knew it would). Catcher and Beckett were in heaven! Mickey on stage for Catcher and Jake (or Ta) for Beckett.

It's pretty cool (almost surreal) the way they made this area feel and look like the real Pixar campus. 
So tired of rain, but so grateful for caffeine and the Ergo Baby. 

Afterwards we barely made it to The Voyage of the Little Mermaid and then spent the rest of the day laughingly being let down by most attractions, including - and most devastatingly - the Osborne Dancing Lights. 

Mitchell photobombed with the beloved scooter.
Making the best of it I guess. Catcher did NOT like being in the rain cover. 
 It IS beautiful, rain or not.

 I just LOVE Christmas though...

The lights got lit but the rain made them not actually dance and no fake snow. It was such a bummer since I had told Tom how much he would love this for forever. Blerg. It's fine...more reason to go back.

Star Tours saved a lot of the day because the whole family went on and had a blast. Mason was the featured one in the video.
Erm, we like Star Wars?

Since Toy Story Mania was down during our fast pass time, we decided to run and and get a can't miss photo op with our little Buzz and Woody and got a few awesome surprise photos in the mean time. Totally worth the being soaked.

Adore these two boys. 

Seeing Buzz and Woody for the first time and waiting their turn (so hard to get toddlers to do that):

Catcher thought no one had a bigger head than him. I didn't either....

It's worth noting that there was not one dry part of us in these photos. So much rain. So much. 

The Original Buzz and Woody for sure. Love these brothers of mine. 
So happy afterwards. 

Toy Story Mania started right back up when we finished and it was perfect. Finally.

We were all excited to go see Fantasmic to end the night and, yup, yooooouuuuu guessed it, they canceled it and ended up setting off like 5 fireworks for the show instead. 

We tried to salvage the evening with a bunch of us quickly running to Rockin' Rollercoaster instead. We snuck in two rides before the parked closed. 

All in all, we laughed so hard and made so many jokes, that we felt that the day was still fun and hugely memorable, but man, if ever there was a day you wanted to demand that Disney give you your money back, this was the day. Not fair, especially for how much I had hyped this park for Tom. He was pretty sad about it, too. We've talked about going back to just that park and getting a re-do. We shall, I'm sure.

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