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You Are A Very Beautiful - Florida Trip - Day 8 and 9 and 10.

WDW and Beyond: The Palm Beach Portion

Those of us who were left behind spent the rest of the next day enjoying what time we had left at the resort, and then packing up our pelmenchki (Barefoot in the Park. Anyone, anyone?) and getting to our transition hotel. That is, the hotel that would hold us over until the next day, when we'd travel to Palm Beach and stay and - at least as we had planned - enjoy the beach for a few days. Just writing Palm Beach makes me want to smack the pretension off my own face. Visiting Palm Beach is also probably like single handedly letting Donald Trump become president. 
We had talked for a few weeks about indulging in Boma, this awesome restaurant at our resort and were happy that we could make it work that morning with the few of us left. It was spectacular and we will be going back with everyone (seriously,  everyone, even you!)

POG juice. Mmmm. 

This spread is just amazing and shameful. Fun fact: I eat eggs EVERY. SINGLE.MORNING (such a fun fact) and I am still trying to make an omelette as good as the one I got there. 

Delicious as the breakfast TRULY was, the highlight was probably Oreos. Our waitress asked us if we were celebrating anything when we got there, we thought, Well, heck. Catcher's first birthday sounds like a legit reason to get like a song and dance or something. We needed to dream a little bigger darling, because Mickey Oreos are a lot better. 
He was so happy he didn't even wait for anyone or anything, and he bit the ear off of one of the Mickey's so fast, you'd think he didn't like him or something. 

After breakfast it was so gorgeous and we were so FREGGIN' full, that we walked the grounds of the resort and took in some animal sightings. 

Also, the pool was very cool and impressive. 
It's still remarkable and sad to think he was just learning to walk then. Where exactly did all this walking - just like he's always walk or something - come from, anyway?

Last views from our room.  

We from here we went back to Downtown Disney to kill time before the evening's activities.

Below is art from the family's current favorite iteration of Mickey Mouse. If you haven't seen these new - and refreshing - Mickey Mouse cartoons, you are in for a treat. These really capture Mickey's more irreverent side, the way I think Walt would have kept with.

We also had to get one last Earl for the road. (Note: Earl of Sandwich is a sandwich shop so good there should be - and maybe is - poetry written about it)
Cuddle Time at Earl. 

We were killing time at DTD until it was time to take a bus to Chip 'N' Dale's Campfire Sing-A-long at Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground.
This little campfire show and the outdoor movie played afterwards were both so cute and incited such an almost suffocating sense of nostalgia that we wanted to cry as hard as the toddlers being forced back into their cars when it was time to leave.   

They even sang happy birthday to Catcher--
Which is beneath his dignity, so stop it. 

When we got to our transition hotel that night, Uncle Mackey was suddenly very interested in knowing what carrying Catcher in the Ergo360 felt like. Hmm, this interest was sparked in the last few moments before bed on our last day at Disney. Wonder why that interest was never sparked at say,  3pm on ANY DAY AT THE PARKS!
Catcher would have clearly enjoyed it. 

We woke up early the next morning and set out for Palm Beach, and saying or writing Palm Beach always reminds me of that one SNL sketch. Do you guys remember the one? With Val Kilmer? Can't find it but I still remember it. Ah well. 

Anyway, it was beautiful and we had such a fun and relaxing time, even through our disappointment that the gloomy, rainy (hurricane-y?) weather stuck with us for all 3 days. We enjoyed a little bit of beach and pool time anyway, but mostly played MARATHON shuffle board games and ate some terrific food. 

Our hotel was nothing to sneeze at. 

 ...even thought Catcher appears to be ready to sneeze. 

Gorgeous sunsets every night though. 

Catcher didn't care that it was vacation for his mom, too. No respect. #sleepinorgetout

Windy, cold, dark beach time! Just as no one intended it.

 There hurricane winds would pelt you so hard that when you were in the pool the surrounding water hit you in the face like tiny shards of glass. Like a really cheap microdermabrasion. Those Palm Beachians really know how to do it. 

We had more fun watching Catcher toddle around. 

Our food on this little jaunt luckily made up for any beach time missed. 

Bay Bay's!

Ordered some of the best pizza ever and had it delivered to our room. It was amazing and I can't remember the name of it. So if you're going and want to know--FOODIE FAIL!

Something of a tradition now is that we eat at this fabulous italian restaurant at Downtown CityPlace called Il Bellagio. Even Catcher ate a lot of the food offered. 

The size of the menu is deceiving because there are way less choices than the behemoth would have you believe. It's a little Lewis Carroll. 

OK, so maybe Catcher ate Catcher food. 

When we were done with Palm Beach we drove back to Orlando to get on our flight back home. But since we still had half a day, we decided to head back to WDW to do some resort hopping and eating etc. 
Love the ceilings at The Grand Floridian. 

Gingerbread cookies!
When we returned back to Salt Lake City, Catcher seemed a little out of sorts and maybe sad. It was fun for him to break his norm a bit. Not to mention, we traveled back on the day of his birthday and I feel like he knew it or something. 

He immediately tried rolling my bag back out the door. 

All said and done, such a fun trip. Terribly relaxing? No. Did we know that going in? Yes. It was Tom and Catcher's first times and the good news is that both of them would thoroughly enjoy doing it again.

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