Thursday, April 30, 2015

You Are A Very Beautiful: April 2015


This month meant we had to say a big Branning farewell to my brother McIntyre as he headed to Las Vegas for 2 years to serve a mission. 

Easter was just a few days after...

We also hosted Easter at our apartment and Grandma Lois and my parents attended. Catcher did his first Easter egg hunt and loved it. 

^^1 mile long massage machine.^^

It was also a big month because I finally went to a doctor to get a full blood panel done to see what in the blazes was wrong with my health since the baby (I had some really bad lingering postpartum garbage) to which I found out that I was pretty hormonally imbalanced and hypoglycemic and vitamin D deficient. I made a lot of changes after this. 

This was also the month of our 4th wedding anniversary and Jana Parkin surprised us at an Oscar party with a painting she did of the Manti temple, framed and gorgeous. Seems that we won the Oscar for Best Picture that year. Eh, eh?

The weather was all over the place in March. One week we were hiking to Donut fall in the ice and snow... 

...To THIS at the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival...

^^Back to this (on my way to 6:30am pilates, yup, was that committed (at one point)....^^

At the end of the Month Catcher and I flew to Houston to be with my parents and Tom would be meeting us later for a more whirlwind tour.

^^Catcher slept most of the flight...with goldfish reinforcement. ^^

Tom and I also celebrated our 4th year of marriage apart. Bummer, but man I'm misty and grateful for the 4 years we've had.

Unfortunately, it was in April that Catcher's speech disappeared.  He went from about 8 words to none. This lasted until he was almost 2, and is still almost non-existent except for grunts and mumbles that I mostly understand. 
To be honest, this was incredibly difficult and hit us hard. It seemed that Catcher had been doing great for several months, and suddenly, he disappeared, the only way to describe it. I took this hard and went back to blaming myself, and believing that it was somehow my lack of good parenting skills or something I did wrong in some way, even before he was born. I also saw us going back to the first 6 months of his life for some reason, as those were the most emotional times of my own. With the loss of speech, I think my whole body shut down in a sort of PTSD response to it. 

 Even though life was fine in other ways, his loss of speech sent me into a silent depression, the kind reserved for your private life and not for social media. This was a reminder to me that we should strive to be real-life, flesh-and-blood friends, and not just electronic ones. Sure, that's a little meta and ironic, writing that on my blog, but, ya know. 

Anyway, I didn't talk about it for months, until I finally decided to get him evaluated by early intervention. Basically, April was a month of change, good and bad.

Hmm, these past few months seemed a lot about me, but these are mostly my remembrances, so I guess it will have to do. If Tom would like to add to it  or get back to his own blogging again
- which I miss - I suppose we could see more from other perspectives. It would be really funny if Catcher remembered all of this and one day wrote memoirs on what was really going down. That would be a trip. 

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