Monday, August 31, 2015

You Are A Very Beautiful: August 2015

(...And everything after)
Calling upon family and friends and with some considerable effort, we moved into our new place on August 1st and we were wiped. Lik Tom and I asking the other to brush our teeth and put our clothes on and bed baths...kind of wiped. Like first 12 weeks of having a new baby kind of wiped.  Luckily, Grandma and Granpa Morrill came and helped again and they very kindly took Catcher from us for 2 whole days while we got the house child proofed and mostly unpacked. The things laying around were just a smidgen hazardous for Catcher in particular, believe me.

^^First frontrunner ride^^

Once settled, we knew we were pretty MFEO with this place.... except for this gigantic green wall in our living room. An "accent" wall was more like a "dialect" wall for us. Bye, Felicia? that right? Oh, it's so 2015, you say? My apologies. WAIT! This is about 2015, perfect! Eeeyarr! Odious pop culture reference stays.

 We decided on a color and spent out first weekend getting that thing painted up real nice. 
^^I mean, we had to have a nice setting for our Tower of Babel, amiright?^^

Catcher also won his first toddler battle and got this...

We had big fun exploring the neighborhood and taking lots and lots of walks and enjoying the splash pad immensely. 

We saw Aunt Riley in Oklahoma at the West Valley Hale Theater.

My mom came into town and we were able to celebrate her birthday with her, taking her to the Grand America brunch. If you haven't and can, please do, daaaahhhling. "People who live any other way are just crazy." - How to Marry A Millionaire.
^^We had apparently just interviewed our dessert, I mean brunch,  before we horked it^^

Afterwards it was family party time...

^^Beautiful Jordan getting Mom's party ready. ^^

We also went to The Museum of Natural Curiosity with Jordan and Beckett and I was thoroughly impressed, as were the boys. 

Catcher was also evaluated in August and qualified for in-home speech therapy. This was a big step for us and we really hoped for substantial change, or any change at all really. The loss of speech thing was not only a big bummer, but also causing lots of friction in the house and frustrating the heck out of Catcher. Their guess on this was that Catcher suffers from heightened sensory issues, something he's most likely been experiencing since- maybe even because of his- birth. 

Bragging infraction: 
We scored the coolest vintage mid century modern dresser ever. I still wake to it everyday and feel complete. Probably not cool to let furniture have such an effect on my mood or my future.
All told,  August was a big month of change and renewal. Had I known sooner, I would have said, "We'll take two."

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