Saturday, February 28, 2015

You Are A Very Beautiful: February 2015


Disclaimer: Reading/writing through our year suddenly seems incredibly banal and sometimes absurdly self-aggrandizing. I mean, I know that's what social media is, and blogging really started it all anyway, but still, these massive recaps for the sake of record keeping - which I truly do find important - come off as kind of gross when done en masse. I now hope that it is just me and my family reading this. Can you do that with just specific blog posts, without excluding everyone? Anyone? Or should I just be sure to balance my posts with plenty of ugly photos and depressing information about the sadder realities of our life?

In February (superfluous alert) I turned my hair orange and then blonde and then got a new gig working for the sleep company.

We celebrated Valentine's Day. Groundbreaking. 


The last week of the month we decided we couldn't do the cold, inversion and sickness any longer with the baby and made a trip to Laguna Beach to visit our friends the Cowans. Also along for this trip? My amazing brother  - and temporary "manny" - Mason.  Both of those sentences make us sound like yuppies who have never even heard of a real problem. American royalty, folks. But for reals, after Catcher's pretty rough first year of life (read: my rough year) 2015 seemed like sun could shine again if we chose it, so we did.

Taco Loco: The tacos of my dreams. 

Catcher loves Ruby's.

^^King for the day. And every day.^^

^^Catcher adores uncle Mason.^^

 ^^These feet are so important to me. I think? Unless they're not Tom and Catcher's.^^

^^Mason drew this of Catcher while we all enjoyed unbelievable time on the beach. Love Catcher, love Uncle Mason.^^

We went to Disneyland for Catcher's first time and it was GREAT. 
^^I like that Catcher is in socks here and I can't remember why.^^

Uncle Mason made this last minute trip the best because not only did Cacher have a blast, Tom and I were able to actually spend some time together, relax, ride things together and enjoy. The system worked because Mason did, too. Right, Mason? (He's currently locked in our closet, but I think he grunted, "Of course!")

^^We had no time to stand in the FOREVER long line for Mickey, so we photobombed like the class acts we are. Catcher was impressed. ^^

^^Catcher was asleep by the end of our first ride, The Haunted Mansion. ^^

^^While Catcher sleep,t we had to eat at Cafe Orleans like ADULTS. Some people may have been disgusted with us for this decision. ^^

FYI, in case you've been living under a stupid rock, you have to get the Monteo Cristo here or at the Blue Bayou. 
^^Oh yeah, and the fries. ^^

The king awoke in his mobile bed chamber and was ready to resume his Disneyland happiness. 

We had a ton of fun in Cars Land. It was Tom, Mason and Catcher's first time and it pretty much still astonishes me.

Those clouds got a might ominous, and yet, nothing came of it...because it's California, duh. 

He was pretty stoked
 to try this for the first time. 

On the pier that night, we let Mason ride a few things while we hung with the sleeping Catcher. It was 8:30 but that's about as long as Catcher could last with all that California sun and excitement.

^^Catcher sums it up...."Are you not entertained!?"^^

All in all, a solid month, and a great trip to California and Disneyland. I'll continue the rest of the trip in the next post since it went into March.

February and March are going to seem a bit braggadocio and I'm obviously very conscious and ashamed of that. Should I be? I'm not sure. Those are life's deeper questions and I thought this was a party? Let's dance!

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