Saturday, January 31, 2015

You Are A Very Beautiful: January 2015

Since I basically didn't blog at all in 2015, and would like to be better, the following 12 posts are going to be short and sweet and photographic remembrances of 2015. I'm so good at blogging. No one is reading this anymore except for me and my alter ego who constantly berates and degrades me, usually chiding me, "Once a quitter, always a quitter!" So this is truly me against myself. I am Birdman.That just made me shutter. 


Of course we had to deal with some obligatory/scary baby winter illnesses. They checked Catcher for whooping cough, and luckily he was OK. But no fun. No fun. No fun. Except for that sucker I guess. ^^
 We celebrated my belated "Purdy Thirty" with a Texas themed party at Dickies in Salt Lake City.

^^Tom found someone to make the most impressive cake ever.^^

We line danced. Line danced!

Tom produced the heck out of the event, even though he probably wanted to tell me to act my age and stop it already. (Don't worry, that's 31). 
^^The joke of the night was how horrible our backdrop was. We used it anyway. ^^

The babies got to be a part of this night, mostly because any babysitter we have would probably be at the party. But still, they were cute little buckaroos. Also, Jordan made these amazing Texas shaped/colored star cookies and for some reason I can't find any pictures. Jordan, please tell me you have some, and also...some more cookies.  
^^Little Eames was wanted--for adorableness! Oh, and public intoxication. ^^

Fun fact, I hate country music, unless it's classic country, and I mean way classic. Patsy, Hank Williams Sr, Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash, that's about it. However, I do LOVE Texas, so we were able to have a little night of homage mixed with satire.

The Couples 

 Friends and Family
The California Gringos

^^Urban Cowboy.^^
^^Oh, and we even had a baby corral. ^^ 
^^This lady, Michelle BAGBY, got married.^^

We also snow tubed later in the month. Fun. 

Got bangs and am still paying for that move a year later. 

 I had the bonus and the privilege of seeing Jared Hess's Don Verdean at the Sundance Film Festival with my pals. 

A huge life changer was that I started doing the Artists Way with my wonderful friend Aimee Devine and the beginning of big things started. 

^^Catcher kept being cute... and being adorably upset if you didn't share your water.^^

And that's January. Yay.

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