Friday, July 31, 2015

You Are A Very Beautiful: July 2015


We celebrated 4th of July with most of Tom's family in Eden, Utah and loved it. This was our second time having it up in Eden and it's just so totes cute and you don't even have to be beguiled by a serpent or anything.
^^We watched fireworks at Tom's work with my family that night.^^

 We got Catcher's ears checked right after this time and found that he had fluid on both of his ears and a pretty bad infection in one. We believed this could have been the reason for his loss of speech and immediately got him on antibiotics. We hoped that this was the answer.
Just two days later it was time for the most anticipated event of the year! The sadly not-so-annual-for-us-anymore - Speirs Family Lake Powell trip.
^^We love this family.^^

^^ I love that my face got all the sun and my legs are like...hmm. If I say match the brightness of the sun, does that make it less of a dig at myself? #paleshaming^^

Having a toddler with an ear infection loomed over us, thinking it would be a disaster. He actually did much better than expected.  He slept like a champ, snoozing from 6pm til 7am every day (sometimes longer) and still taking long naps; Lake Powell is great for knocking you out that way. Is Catcher's behavior as easy as most or many toddlers, no, but we have adjusted to our own normal, so he seemed like he was doing very well to us. I am used to handling him and his more difficult tantrums and meltdowns, so it all seems a little routine to me.  I apologize to the whole Speirs family for what they may have thought (eek), but for Tom and I, he was golden.

^^Catcher and Lainey^^

^^ He wanted to be in the water or on the ski boat or on the jet skis ALL DAY LONG.^^

^^We had the best little cove to ourselves and there was much "cliff" jumping.^^

 ^^This kid had his own version of a Girl Squad with him the whole time. The twins, Hannah and Hailey, were the best^^. Thanks again, for loving on him so much, ladies.
 Hiking to Rainbow Bridge.

^^Catcher actually walked most of the way. His watermelon face is a testament to that.^^
^^The many faces of Riley and her mum.^^
^^I'm still working on that whole wakeboard thing.^^

 ^^The ski boat was everyone's favorite place to be inquisitive and nap. That is, it was the toddler's favorite place to nap. It was instantaneous sometimes.^^
^^There were some crazy corn-holing match-ups.^^
 ^^Dangling Rope looks a lot like Cars Land. Hmm, does Cars Land look like anything? #disneyerasesmemory^^
 ^^Catcher's first time on a jet ski and he loved it.^^
 ^^Riley is the most Miss Thang of any Miss Thang..^^
 ^^The year of the HUGE water slide. They actually enjoyed this, despite their faces.^^
^^Wrapping it up.^^
^^At night on the roof of the houseboat. Dreamy.^^

As soon as we got back we hardly sat down, as it was immediately time to move. Our apartment contract was up and we knew for quite some time that our apartment was no longer conducive to the needs of our child, and also the SLC mob lived across the street--not joking.

But since we're still renters, we were looking for something for August at the last second. We put as much positive energy and prayer out there as we could, and found the perfect townhome, only it was in Woods Cross, UT. We debated whether we could take that leap and feel good about it. Once we found this place though, we knew it was not only the right choice, but soon, the only choice. Catcher needed a backyard, and playgrounds within walking distance, and bike trails and walking trails, and this just so happened to be a neighborhood with all of that, PLUS a pool and splash pad (aka, Catcher Heaven. Just short of Mickey Mouses raining from the sky.)

We also celebrated Tom's birthday
^^His sleepy face gives me Bieber Fever, except it's not Justin Bieber, because he's wwww, it's Tom. So,Tomber Feber? Still doesn't work. But basically he's cute and awakens the teeny bopper in me ^^

His birthday felt like only a really quick blip this year, but we made it fun, right Tom? Right?!

^^Plus, I finally aqueised to his deep and long-going desire for a sound bar. I will admit, fully now, that it has been amazing and changed our sound experience immensely, while also pairing down our stuff.^^

We spent what seemed like one straight week packing and then we had movers, and let's just say none of it was for the faint of heart.

Is there an app or device that packs and moves everything for you? Apple Movers? I will pay all my monies for this. Come back and handle this, Steve!

^^It was hard for Catcher to deal with all of this hullabaloo.^^

Eventually it all happened, with SUPER help from Tom's parents (thanks a billion! Again!) It was strange to say goodbye to the only home Catcher had ever known. But, greener pastures, or yards with fences, and what have you. 

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