Tuesday, June 30, 2015

You Are A Very Beautiful: June 2015

On May 30, 2015, my cousin Jazmine lost her amazing baby girl, Cecilia. 
She had fought for 200 days on earth to share everything she could with the rest of us, and at the end of the day -while she's so incredibly missed - her impact is, not surprisingly, everlasting. 

This was a bitter loss and hard for the whole family to take, and obviously, tremendously hard on the Livingston family. We incidentally were going to be in Northern California for our pre-arranged trip to see Jacob and Rachel Speirs, and were shocked but grateful to see that the funeral services would be coinciding with our trip there.

We would have already gone to the memorial anyway, but this was a tender mercy. The service was amazing, and we marveled at the poise and strength and faith and positivity of my cousin and my whole extended family. Grateful to have attended the celebration of Cece.

^^We were also grateful to get some time with my cousins. We will now make all of the next visits under really fun circumstances. ^^
^^I can't believe how great my family all look in these photos. I was a mess, but sharing anyway.^^ 

The trip to see The Speirs in Oakland was also lovely.  On the way there we took Catcher to the Salt Flats for the first time. He was a fan.

When we were with Jacob and Rachel we also were able to do 4 amazing things (at least): 

1) The Beach 
 Riley, their daughter, is beyond words adorable. So you can see for yourself above. 
^^Catcher in his happy place. ^^

2) John Muir Woods 

^^"I would die for Riley! I would die for Riley!"

3) Friends and Family Screening of Inside Out at Pixar

 We will never be able to pay Jake back for these experiences but so grateful anyway. And as a girl, and a mom, this movie was so important for me. And as I said, "I would die for Riley!"

4)Tilden Park
Had the most magical day ever with a farm and carousels and steam trains. We told J and R that we are convinced they're just trying to sweeten the deal for us to move there. It has worked better than they expected, since we're plotting to move into their guest room, basement or garage when they least expect it.

^^A little nervous about those goats.^^

NoCal does nature so well. 

^^The most beautiful restored carousel.^^

^^Steam trains are loud. ^^

When we got back to UT we celebrated my nephew Becketts 2nd birthday. Ouch, that one smarted in the smarts.
^^SIL Jordan made these amazing cupcakes. It was a fun pool party. ^^

And to end our already jam-packed month with an awesome bang, we went with Tom's parents and brother and his family on a very adventurous and beautiful trip to Escalante, UT. Tom and I had been planning to do this for about a year.  We stayed in vintage airstream trailers, saw Devil's Garden, took a 6 mile hike to Lower Calf Creek Falls in sweltering desert heat with babies on our backs (and it was awesome), watched Indiana Jones at the drive-in theater they had onsite (equipped with vintage convertibles), celebrated Father's Day and Greg and Annette's anniversary and generally had a blast bbq-ing and outdooring it, albeit a little more glamoursly with the airstreams. Highly recommend this trip and The Shooting Star drive in by the way, particularly if you're camping averse or have little ones. Can't wait to do it again.


Isn't this awesome?
Devi's Garden was unreal. For some reason, all of the babies did not enjoy it as much as the adults and seemed to be a little frightened or maybe just tired from a long day of travel. 
Catcher and Jethro had about had enough, until it was time to leave, then they LOVED It. 

^^Father's Day Morning. He's a good Uncle too, though. ^^

^^Our ridiculously amazing room inside our airstream, called, "The Duke."^^

Hike Day

^^Catcher fell asleep like this. He was so tired and hot and thirsty. ^^

The best payoff for a hike I've ever experienced. It was arctic water, but we swam and swam and cooled off and ate lunch. So spectacular. Cool to go places you can only traverse by foot. It feels good to give Catcher experiences like that so early in life. Hope it keeps. 

^^Tom kept doing the natural slide and pushing other kids and telling them their parents don't love them. Only one of those is true.^^

That night we got to unwind and watch a drive-in movie at our campsite, authentic-style. 

^^If you remember, it was these two lovebird's anniversary! Yay-yuh.^^

Pretty fitting way to end the trip and the mammoth post. 

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