Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You Are A Very Beautiful: March 2015


The first week of March we were on the beach, so, not a bad way to start a month, or any Nicolas Sparks novel.  

^^Our little beach comber.^^
^^Had to go to the restaurant The Beach Comber to introduce Mason, and mostly to the beignets.^^

^^And I had to get my favorite as well: Crab Cakes Benedict with a delectable side of Catcher's bottle that photobombs every picture. Yup.^^

^^This was actually the last time we used the Ergo Baby, well, for me it was. Catcher was basically too big for it then, but we NEEDED it. From hence forth, Catcher would only be in it on Dad's back. ^^

It was so hard to say goodbye to yesterday...

We saw Grandma Netty at Grandpa Keith's house in Cedar City on the way home. It was a short visit but a needed break...

Most notable this month-- I got a canon 5d Mark ii and that changed the game for us, even now. 

I was full force into The Artist's Way at this point and Tom and I started doing these things called artist dates from the book, that we eventually started calling self-dates, and eventually "Can I just get a break tonight and you watch the baby? Please! I'm dying!"

^^One of my cool dates that month was I did a lot of vintage shopping and bought an awesome Easter skirt from the 70s.^^ 

I also started the month off with some risky business. I decided to start a pilates class (which was the first fitness class I had ever joined) and within one session I knew it was the place for me and it was right by our apartment. A 3 minute drive is unfortunatey not an excuse to miss anything ever. This was my best decision of the early year. It changed my body, mind, soul and home life. Tom eventually joined in too and agreed immediately that they kicked your garbage so hard.

^^But just because I was being healthier doesn't mean I ever say no to sushi. A sushi BURRITO? Yes'em. ^^

My parents came into town for Easter and to see my brother Mackey off on his LDS mission to Las Vegas (which I guess was the bigger thing) and that was so nice. Seriously, so nice. We did a family photo shoot for Easter, even though it was technically about a week away.


^^Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the great outdoors.^^

^^Man does he love Uncle Mason.^^

^^Elder Branning was within 3 days of embarking.^^

^^The best family photo we could get but missing Ashley. Blerg.^^

^^Toddlers are incorrigible.^^

^^Even better.^^


^^Is this not an adorable family photo?^^

March-April were truly great for me. Tom traveled some for work but it was all good. Catcher was more and more manageable alone and we would take walks to Liberty Park in SLC almost everyday, even in the cold. Great for all of us.

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