Sunday, May 31, 2015

You Are A Very Beautiful: May 2015


We took a big trip to Texas to visit my folks. At first it was just me and Mini-Tom, but about 1 week in, Tom joined us and had a nice week of fun and relaxation with my family. Most notably we went to Austin and did a whirlwind gastronomic tour of the city, which was as great as you can imagine.

^^Do NOT close the pool gates on him. Ever!^^

Catcher's speech did indeed completely disappear the day we showed up for this trip, although his spirits were high the whole time and he swam and mowed and danced and looked at aquariums and showed curiosity in new things, although never food. 

^^ Downtown Aquarium.^^

^^As soon as dad arrived, he bound Catcher's hands. Like you do. ^^

We got to chat with Elder Branning...

 Food Tour of Austin-- BEGIN! >>>>>>>>>>

^^The break.^^

^^Yes, we ate all of that in a day.^^

Tom and I also got to enjoy a date night at the Houston Symphony to see my mom perform in the chorus. 

We topped our trip off with the best trip to the beach ever.

When we returned to Utah we immediately got back into work and life, and pilates. 

^^Here's an insider fact: it's horrible coming back to any intense workout after a break. ^^

^^We got a zoo membership and found ourselves at the zoo like 3 days a week. ^^

^^My bestie Coryn also came to visit from the east coast and that was awesome. ^^

^^We also saw my sister Riley perform in the Hale Center Theater production of Big Fish and thoroughly approved.^^

May was pretty full and it was a nice distraction for me. I figured with Catcher's new loss of speech and the way it was plaguing me, I better just keep moving. In retrospect, I think it was the best decision and I'm glad we did. 

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