Saturday, October 31, 2015

You Are A Very Beautiful: October 2015


We journeyed from Dallas to meet my sister Ashley in South Padre Island with intentions to spend a 4-day weekend on the beach. That was the intention. Anyway, came to find that all of our plans would be ruined by a little thing called red tide. And no, it's not a sequel to Crimson Tide or even The Hunt for Red October. Believe me, we totally checked, absolutely no submarine movies. No Denzel Washington's or Sean Conneries in sight. Not a one! Anyway, I won't tell you what red tide is since it will give you night terrors, but let's just say it's horrific. Put those googling fingers away. Anyway, write me when you do in fact google it because you just can't help yourself. That is, when the vomiting has ceased. 

Yea! Pictures anyway. We decided to make the best of the time we did stay and took a few fun shots. 
^^Catcher's conundrum is that he loves the beach but has a hard time with sand. Once he does warm up, you will be terminated if you take him off the beach. ^^

We did have a nice breakfast the morning we left. That is, a nice breakfast because Aunt Ashley is the  best at getting Catcher to eat, when all others fail.
We got some daytime beach in anyway, and then we ran for our cars. 
^^Tried our very first kite. That was fun, and not so fun to tell him it was time to go bye-bye.^^

^^"Why exactly do we have to leave the best place on earth? You! EXPLAIN!"^^

When car traveling in Texas you have to stop at Buc-ee's.

For those of you less fortunate, Buc-ee's is like the convenience store Disneyland. Take that as you will. For us? Gaaaaah, so amazing. 

^^I've never been nor will I ever be more exhausted in my life than with this kid.^^


So since everything went to carp (that's right, carp) we decided to resuscitate the trip and do something anyway, which ended being Sea World. I hadn't been in like 15 years and Catcher's never been so it was...something....something to do that is!

^^Lately Catcher has been a little hit and miss with rides, carousels in particular make him cling to Mom or Dad for dear life...^^
I don't really get it. And yes, it is conceivable that Catcher will one day read this, and if that's the case, then Catcher, I hope you don't think I'm mocking and humiliating you by suggesting you were a bit of a wimp. You were a wimp. How is this my child? I'm pretty sure I wanted to get on roller coasters before I could talk. My first words were, "So stoked, so stoked, blah."

^^The bay of play did make the whole day though. He played in the water for hours.^^

^^Just so you know, I'll be pushing, mmkay? Cool.^^

^^Penguins. Penguins we like.^^

 ^^Happy Hawaii-o-ween.^^

^^He was cautiously amused in the Clyde & Seamore show.^^

After a grand ol' time in San Antonio, and eating at my mom's favorite mexican restaurant in downtown San Anton, called Rosa's I believe? We headed back to Houston to enjoy the rest of our Texas trip. 

So, my parents have recently had a Chick-Fil-A built within walking distance of their house. Yeah, weird, amazing, dangerous, delicious; it's all  of that. Catcher and I may have walked there a time or two with the good ol' stroller and some toys. He was in a big Chick-Fil-A stage at that time. He also destroyed the play-place for like an hour. A sweet little girl treated Catcher like her baby brother the whole time and it was adorable. Even more amazing? She said these words, "My name is Kendall and I'm about to go to a school called, 'Kendallgarten'." I died. I just up and died. She pulled the sword from the pun stone and I bowed to her. She didn't even know she did it, and all the better. She also didn't know she made my millennium. I don't think I will ever have pun again. 

Catcher really dug this witch hat. I will never get him. The things that disturb and delight him are mostly so baffling that I can't sleep at night.

We enjoyed the rest of our time in Houston and then it was time to journey back to Dah-deee, as Catcher was calling him at that point. Guess what he was calling me? Nothing. 
^^They have an unbreakable bond. I just give rides, food, all of my time, my career, my body, my energy, my mental, spiritual and emotional strength, and make him nap. What a bore. ^^

We had some fun Halloween outings, and now that I have a child I feel like Jack Skellington. I can't escape Halloweentown. It's like the entire month of October calls for me to be creative in ways that I used to get excited for and now? I'm just beat. But I always have time and energy for a good ol' fashion pumpkin patch and for at least one night of dressing up. 

So, the pumpkin patch...

 This slide was epic. Catcher did it like 3 times with Tom. Beckett, on the other hand, may still be traumatized. But you know what, his mom tried anyway, and to me, that's what counts. It's always what counts, especially when I make dinner every night for Catcher, and only 2 out of 30 days will he eat it. 

 ^^"What the tractor?"^^
 ^^Yes, of course he did this. ^^

^^As you can see, this was adorable.^^
^^The Halloween Bunny came.^^

The Trunk or Treat

^^Went for it. Glad we did. ^^

Catcher warmed up completely when he realized what the game was with this whole Trunk or Treat thing. He said, "Wait, so, uh, all I have to do is dress like a dog and walk from car to car, and perfect strangers just hand me candy, and since I don't talk, I just avoid eye contact and run, instead of saying, 'Trick or Treat'?

^^He was a charmer. as he would sign 'please' to everyone so they'd give him the goods. .^^

 ^^Brother Mason worked as a classic Mystery Inc Villain.^^
 ^^Had dinner and HAD to FaceTime that he actually ate chili and bread. Oh yeah, and he looked like Scooby Doo.^^

Boo at the Zoo

 ^^Uncle Mason came along. Wearing all black? Can't remember why. Was it costume, Mason?^^
 ^^I love these two brosephs.^^

 ^^That paci. And that face. I love one a lot more than the other. ^^
 ^^The bears rocked that day. ^^

 ^^Zoo donuts. *Disgusting Homer Simpson eating noise here.^^
^^I look just a smidgen as tired as I felt.^^

And then there was Halloween night, you know, the night we celebrate all through October and then sleep through?
^^Aunt Riley hung out with us for the evening and helped make carmel apples and apple cider.^^

 ^^He did NOT want me to take this picture. Thought I was leaving. I almost did. ^^

 ^^Those were amazing.^^
 ^^And this was as much effort as  could muster by October 31st. I even air dried my hair.^^

 ^^Aunt Riley prepared Catcher for REAL trick or treating. He was game. ^^
 ^^Before the big trick or treating extravaganza.^^
^^Riley's cool costume for her late-night Halloween party for young people.^^

And that sums up October, I think? Man, I love October. 

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