Wednesday, September 30, 2015

You Are A Very Beautiful: September 2015


This was a fun month. I mean, all of them seem pretty fun when put in broad retrospect, and they were, but September is the beginning of my favorite season and it went pretty well. 

^^Catcher learned to take his shirt off, and it's all been downhill from there.^^

I scored another mid century piece...

The beginning of the month saw us having another Bess family reunion in Cedar City. Always something we look forward to. We did service projects around Tom's Grandpa Keith's house and celebrated his 90th birthday! So many toddlers and children running around and lots of yummy food and hard work. 

We kept up our -sometimes twice- weekly hikes, along with daily morning walks with Catcher (that ended at the splash pad).
Silver Lake is our weapon of choice. I could be buried here and not be one bit tempted to visciously haunt people, as I have always intended.

^^Do NOT take him from a new friend.^^
 ^^No one wants to see how the hot dogs are made. ^^

And then, right near the end of the month, we finally were able to orchestrate MOST of the whole family coming to Silver Lake. This is no small feat with everyone's crazy busy and important lives and all of our endorsement deals. Ok, well, crazy busy lives anyway. 


We made use of our zoo membership and went a few times. 

Tom is the may-un and made and stained this bed from scratch. Yeah, I know. He's my husband. And I, once again, have no observable or useful skills. 


^^Behind the scenes.^^

We made a trip to Houston at the end of the month to spend some time with both grandparents while Tom traveled. What should have been a short layover in Denver was, to the shock of the masses, infernally long. 

We went to Dallas to see Uncle Wally coach his boys' The Tigers against the Rangers. Love ballgames, love family time, and had fun eating good food and playing in Dallas. For some reason I have ZERO images of the games. No idea about that. But, we definitely had fun with the Morrill grandparents and Uncle Wally and Aunt Lesley, and of course, food. 
 ^^Good looking group of people^^
^^Clearly just thought of their masterplan. And also, they were looking at Aunt Lesley's website for her adorable boutique.^^

Chilling with all the Grandmas.

On our last night we took a quick visit to the Gaylord. This was fun, and especially for Catcher. There was water, so, uh, duh. 

^^Oh, I'm sorry, Grandma, were you taking a picture? Because I was looking at the best thing on earth!^^
^^So doesn't trust cameras^^

^^Ex Machina was there. She seems to have blended well.^^ 

Now it's time for October. Shazam! Cliffhanger! 

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